Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recipes for babies from 6 to 8 months

Meal with potatoes
Peel the potatoes, wash and put to cook. When almost cooked, mash it a fork in the water in which potatoes are cooked, add two - three tablespoons of corn meal. Mix the semolina on low heat until thickened.Combine it with potatoes, and if you feel that the porridge is too thick, dilute it with milk, formula or expressed breast.

Carrot with apple
Raw carrots, well cleaned and washed and washed and peeled apple cut into small pieces. Carrots, if you wish, you can grate. All put together to cook steamed, not longer than 5 minutes, then chop mixer - grind. If desired, add a formula or Breast milk. If you want a calorie rich meal, add a spoonful - two of rice cereal, but only if you previously added milk, otherwise the mixture will be too dense.

Mixed fruit
Cleared of stones, washed and peeled, fruit cut into small pieces and then grind in a blender. At the same time use only fruits that your child has already been tried. Avoid citrus fruits that are advised only after the baby's first birthday.

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