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Preparing for maternity

With more pages, I heard many stories about childbirth. Some are idyllic, some terrible. What is the truth?
The truth is somewhere in the middle. You will meet during pregnancy, many people who will give advice and warnings of what was actually giving birth. The fact that it is not quite figure out for yourself while your baby is not so that you understand and accept the story as an extremely personal information.

Some women have experienced the birth as a fulfillment of the greatest desires in life, and they are no obstacles such as the preparation, the contraction of stress and could not fail. Other women are more sensitive, more difficult to submit pain or unfamiliar situation in which they are found, and are experienced in many drastic ways. In any case, all the stories are different, because every birth is different.

Find out more about what awaits you in principle, Attend school for pregnant and listen to the doctor and midwife in the birth.

Does the hospital have a permanent member of staff?
Yes, the maternity ward for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Emergency team consists of a number of obstetrician-gynecologists, anesthetists, paediatricians, midwives and other nurses that are needed for maternity. Do not worry, it was time to start labor, you can contact the ward and you will be taken care of.

Who will deliver me?
If labor is progressing regularly, the family alone! Assistance will give birth midwife and doctor-gynecologist who is in charge of you. Different maternity wards have different organizational protocols, although the basis for the same everywhere. Doctor-gynecologist, midwife, pediatrician, anesthesiologist and other staff are those who work with you to the water delivery to the end.

What is the preparation for childbirth?
When you arrive at the maternity hospital, a doctor who hits you on the basis of obstetrics decide whether the findings in labor and whether it should be admitted to the maternity ward. If so, open the "history" of childbirth, the doctor will take you to information about whether your family has some serious diseases for which you know (diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases, systemic diseases), then Have you ever been hospitalized for an illness, operated out of something, whether you are taking any medication, and why, if you are allergic to any medications, what were the menstrual cycle, when was the last menstruation and pregnancy in the past, if you have had and how (vaginal or caesarean section), if it was a caesarean section when and why, if you regularly go to the control in pregnancy and so on.

Then the midwife will measure pelvic measures, on which is performed indirect conclusion on whether the estimated weight of your baby while in your stomach, corresponding to assess the size of the pelvis. After that, the nurse will take you to the standby part.

There you get enema. Enema is a method to empty the final part of the intestine and thus enables the delivery. It can simultaneously and to strengthen existing pain or provoke them. After bowel movements, and showering will put  you to bed, where he started completing your delivery.

What should I take in the maternity ward?
A few weeks before the expected delivery is necessary to save things to the maternity ward. Make sure your health insurance card stamped. If you fix the documentation (transfer and a married girl's names, addresses, etc.). Do it as soon as possible. Get a list of things needed for maternity and referral for hospital admission from your doctor so that you have and if labor starts in the middle of the night.

Prepare find a doctor with whom you had a pregnancy, and laboratory findings of the last check, be sure to find the blood type and Rh factor, and HBsAg (HBs antigen), better known as the "test of jaundice." All this put in one place, you start to have your baby you do not have to search and dig around the house.

Since things have to prepare things for themselves, and baby items. List of things to bring is different in every hospital. In any case, you will need:

- A pair of sleepwear which would open up the front, so you can breastfeed
- Bathrobe or dressing gown and slippers
- Toilet articles
- Face towel and shower
- Some packaging inserts (mesh, not self-adhesive!)
- Toilet paper, moisturizing and normal tissues
- Cell phone (and charger)

Pack and baby items: a pair of baby shirts, crawlers, bodies, socks, cap, tetra diapers, disposable diapers, wipes and cream. Clothes in which to get you and your baby should not be pulling for you all to bring her husband or relatives.

Can I smoke in the hospital?
No, of course. You must not smoke in the hospital, so they do not carry cigarettes. If you have not left a smoking, try it now because your baby does not feels the smell of tobacco.

Does the husband can attend childbirth?
In our country generally does not provide for a husband to attend a pass. In most Western countries it has long been accepted thing, but here it is still a matter of individual cases in some maternity hospitals.However, most maternity hospitals are no conditions to approve the presence of her husband in the delivery.

Can I give birth at home?
If you wait too long with severe pain go to the maternity ward, you are likely to give birth at home. Planned birth at home in our country is not designed so that all births take place in an authorized hospital.

How long do I stay in the hospital after giving birth?
Length of stay in hospital after birth depends on many factors. The first line of your birth, and then from the hospital protocol.

If you have a baby vaginally, labor was passed without any complications, the baby is great, the milk you started the next day after giving birth - you can get from the hospital after 48 hours of birth. Any problem involves testing and / or therapy, which prolongs the time to stay in a hospital.

If done by a method of assisted delivery (vacuum extraction or forceps extraction), the hospital stay until you and your baby does not recover completely.
How long will I stay in the hospital if you give birth by caesarean section?
After giving birth by Caesarean section, which was good, it stays in the hospital 4 to 7 days, depending on the maternity ward. In the event of any complications, hospital stay is prolonged.

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