Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Premature baby

According to World standards, medical service organizations premature children are smart children born before the 37th weeks of pregnancy, who have symptoms of premature infant: the head is relatively large, the skull seams are often open, topics is large, subcutaneous adipose tissue is not developed. Children born with a body weight greater than 500 grams, and after at least 22 weeks of pregnancy, they are potentially vital to the standards of the World Health Organization.

The prematurely born baby is a child born at the time, less adapted to life outside the mother's womb.Therefore it is higher in the difference to the normal terms, it is harder baby to adapt to new conditions of life. Many babies born before a certain time, you probably will not be able to breathe independently and so will the doctors attached to the apparatus for artificial respiration. These babies will receive food through the special probe. Systems for respiration, digestion, cardiovascular, nervous and other systems such children are poorly developed and why they survive remains to a large number of medical treatments. If the baby's condition is not that difficult and does not need resuscitation, she will be placed in an intensive care unit. There babies staying in specially warmed incubators, as are unable to regulate body temperature.As the baby would not have hair mucous tissues humidity, the department, will be held at 60%. The incubator is inserted into the heated oxygen to ensure a normal breathing. When a child has no specific health problems, steady gains in weight, you just suck then discharged home. Nevertheless, one born in the home care required certain, specific conditions. If the baby is discharged from the maternity wards means that now can independently maintain their body temperature and to react to hot and cold. However, if the prohladnoj room, will have to spend precious calories to maintain body temperature, instead of increasing its own weight so that the newborn needed. Because the air temperature in the room should be around 23 degrees

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