Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No babbling baby talk

Babies should not talk without babbling, because it develops their intelligence, a new study shows.

Even in the age of three months, the words on their minds more active than other sounds, including music.

Babies who have listened to the words may be better to "categorize" the image of those who listened to tones only. A small "subjects" demonstrated a series of pictures of fish, followed by the words or sound signals. Then the babies side by side shown the pictures of fish and pictures of dinosaurs, and measured how long they watched each of them says "Blic".

Longer observation of the images of fish, thereby, would mean that the baby katagorizovale in his mind, a comparison of the results, the researchers said, were "striking": babies in both groups (those who listened to the words of those who listened to the sound signals ) observed the same images over identical time periods, but the fish photo after photo for more than just a baby dinosaur observed by listening to words.

"For children aged three months of the word, ie. Human speech, and perhaps in particular the speech addressed to infants, perform special effects, which arouses in them a special kind of attention to the objects that surround them and encourages their ability to form categories," says dr. Sandra Vaksman, one of the coauthors of the research, published in the journal "Childe divelopment".

Significant brain capacity of babies and young children, however, will not end there. The study was conducted as an echo of the film "Look who it says" has shown, namely, that the children of only one year but can communicate quite complex thoughts, and to assess what the other person knows, or knows, while another study conducted on babies shown that they are born crying, with an emphasis in the region where they live, they have adopted a "wire-tapped," the parents while they were still in the stomach.

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