Saturday, May 5, 2012

The most common mistakes of parents beginners

Your baby has arrived and with it changes your whole world come new rules to delete the old one.

This means that on the horizon and new mistakes, and here are some common when it comes to babies.

Leaving a baby to sleep through the night
Parents need to wake up and feed the baby every four hours. If they do not baby can become dehydrated. It is important to understand your baby's biorhythms. If she falls asleep during the day, you do not have to worry about noises from the street or daylight. Leave it to adjust to the environment. And remember, babies should only sleep on his back, not sideways or on your stomach, it is advisable

Forcing babies to feed
It is important that your baby eats, but you can expect it to always work to your schedule. Babies, like us, they know themselves when they are hungry or site. They will cry after a few hours to give a clear signal that they are hungry again, and to you to fill their needs.

Showing babies
It is normal that you are proud of their newborn. But do not over-expose the crowds, especially indoors.It's not good to keep it under a glass bell, so it's important to find a balance. Walk more outdoor screenings.

(Not) believing their own instincts
Pediatricians advise parents, especially mothers to trust their instincts, but around the speakers would be to exaggerate. Ignore the environment and rely on it instinctively in himself. You know best if something is wrong.

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