Saturday, May 5, 2012

In order to maintain proper hygiene of your baby?

Once a day clean the baby's eyes, nose and ears with cotton wool. You can do this while bathing baby.Washing of the face should be solely with water, because facial skin is very sensitive.
First Save the cotton.

Second Soak in warm water, a cotton bud.

Third Clean the corners of the eyes, pulling the cotton from the outer part of the eye to the inner corner of eye. Every time you want to repeat this process take a new, pure cotton.

4th Wipe gently around each nostril nose to clear the rest of the secretions. It is best to not put anything in your baby's nose because it can hurt the lining of the nose and cause bleeding. If you notice mucus in the nose, gently place the toothpicks in the ears, nose and slowly rotate them.

5th Wipe the shell behind the ear lobe and the whole of both ears. Be careful not to put anything in your ear, it can easily cause injury.

6th Gently wipe the area under the chin and the whole neck, making sure to clean all the folds of skin.

The baby might get nervous when you try to wash her face. Maybe it will calm down slightly falderal or music in the background. But sometimes it is best to be quick and all done as soon as possible. Eventually you'll get in this business practice.

Newborns often death when they are very tired and over stimulated. This is because the nasal passage is very narrow. Often sneezing will help to remove all of the nasal canal, which interferes with breathing.

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