Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take the summer for diapers off

If your child is aged between 18 and 24 months, summer is the ideal time to train her out of diapers.

Many moms think it is too early to quit, so many children and three and a half years still wear diapers.

To avoid this situation and bring you and your child, make this summer. Mitigating factor is that the dressing and undressing easier (fewer layers of clothing), and the warm days do not have to worry that the child will catch cold.

In assessing the readiness of the child there are several important moments that need attention: whether the child is interested in going to the toilet, do you want to wear shorts and the like., Is aware that his diaper is wet or dry and whether the complaining of wet diapers, says "Blic".

Check that the child or the mimicry words say when performing a small or a large bathroom and used it in everyday speech, words that describe the performance of emergency (pee, calcite ....).

Arm yourself with patience and start preparing. Get a lot of underwear and clothing and carry a spare when you go potty outside the home. Once you go for it, well do not give up (not to confuse the child).

Plan of action:
- Get a potty (just let the child choose) or a continuation of the toilet.
- Remove the baby diaper and slide his pants and clothes that are easy dressing and undressing (and washed).
- Leave the potty where the child can always see it.
- Take your child (repeatedly) with him in the toilet and explain what it is and how you serve it. Tell him that it will now go to the toilet or potty.
- When you notice that the child could perform emergency, offer to him to sit on the potty.
- If the child is still dry in panties, do not scold him, just calmly say that it is now necessary to change his clothes.

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