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How to nurture your baby's skin?

Some of the bodies have not yet developed, others are much more sensitive in infants than in adults. So it is with your baby's skin. All layers of skin are not fully developed. Surface horny layer is significantly different, while the middle layer of the dermis three and a half times thinner in infants than in adults. As such it is subject to inflammation and infections, rashes and blistering. So one of the primary tasks of each mother's hygiene, care and protection of newborn goats.

So sensitive skin should be kept from mechanical injury, maintain a moist, prevent rashes and irritations, nourish it, improve its elasticity. Lack of skin elasticity leads to even fine cotton stuff can cause unintended injuries in babies. Babies easily attacked by bacteria, viruses and fungi, because, although the sebaceous glands in the skin developed their function is incomplete.

How to nurture and protect baby's sensitive skin?

First of all daily bathing in warm water (temperature of 22 - 24 degrees Co). It should always be done at the same time and is mandatory before a meal. First baby to moisten, then shampoo or soap and gently bathe.In doing so, pay attention to skin folds to be washed. After that, it is particularly important that the baby is well rinsed with clean water. Then, the skin should be dried with soft flannel or towel and gently pat, not rub. Sticks of cotton wipe the ear. Often placed cotton wool soaked in warm water or chamomile wipe your eyes and always on the outside to the inside of the eye. The following is spreadable cream and changing table (mandatory wide).

Today the market there are many baths, shampoos, soaps for cleaning walls baby. Also a multitude of products for baby skin care. The choice is individual, but should pay attention to the fact that they must meet requirements such as: to clean the skin of dirt, to prevent microbial growth, to reduce redness and rash. These products should make a thin, oily layer that will protect the soft and sensitive children's skin from urine and feces. Of course, all products should be used in moderate quantities or we can have the opposite effect, instead of helping care can cause side effects.

Soap serves to remove dirt from the skin surface, whether they are particles from the external environment (dust) or goat products (flakes). The best they are colorless and odorless for children's skin. Washing with soap can prevent bacterial growth, but the lack of road use is that it destroys the outer, protective layer of skin.

Shampoos and bath designed for babies are gentle and do not irritate the eyes. Excellent for cleaning> Kosice and the baby's body. Often are composed of extracts and chamomile, which prevents skin inflammation.

Mineral oils are used for cleansing the skin and also protect against the harmful effects of urine and feces.When the oil cleanse skin impurities from one part of the oil remains on the skin and protects it. Prevents the appearance of rash in the folds. But also inhibits the release of heat through the skin because it closes the pores and glands that is the downside of this type of preparation.

Lotions and oils after use leaving a thin layer of fat on the skin. However, the effective percent do not interfere with skin functions. They are suitable for use because it eliminates all kinds of dirt. After using the lotion, the skin becomes soft and wet, creating a protective layer which reduces the possibility for the occurrence of rash (especially on the folds). Excellent as a preventive measure inflammatory processes, and may also assist in their treatment.

As with bathing or cleaning and the pouring is especially important to pay attention to the folds of a baby.These locations are particularly vulnerable to rashes or redness. This is part of the chin, underarms, between legs. This place is desirable to put on quality child's cream, and baby's bottom. In these sensitive parts of the body need to be the cream spreads a little thicker layer, because it prevent skin irritation in those places. The face and other parts of the body cream is applied in a thin layer. The creams are necessary for protecting the skin of babies and nepooljnih atmosverskih influences such as sun, wind, humidity or cold.

To nurture your baby's sensitive skin occupy an important place, and powders. It is important that the powder is not applied in thick layers that can not be turned into lumps. That would be the cause redness, which is not desirable. Powders are harmless, but it is necessary to take care that the baby does not inhale powder particles. They are useful because they reduce friction and absorb secretions from the skin surface.

Babies love to swim, bathe them regularly because it does not matter whether it be morning or evening.Definitely a hot bath feels good baby. When a colder period of the swim in the heated room. Also warm the baby's tub, a treasure you can overheat and her towel. It is very important to be careful when bathing.Make sure the water temperature is appropriate and does not lower the baby in the tub quickly. Do not let her enter the water in the ears or eyes. I feel that the baby was scared stiff, or try to relax do not know the words and caresses. If your baby experience something unpleasant will be difficult to pass later swim without pay. Of course it is obligatory to wash head. Otherwise it will appear brown spots on the baby's head that arise from the dead skin cells and sebaceous secretions. Swimming is always done from the head down and it is understood that at the end of compulsory rinsing with clean water. Since the baby is bathed and bent if necessary, to cut and comb noktića kosica.

How important is the hygiene of the body is equally important to maintain hygiene of the house.Unventilated rooms, and dust can only be "litter" for viruses and bacteria. This requires regular cleaning and luftiranje bedding, ventilation in the rooms during hot, as well as during the colder days, and dusting.No matter how cold the morning and evening ventilate all rooms. Very good way to disinfect and control the mite bedding, winter sun exposure. In winter, the heating due to dry air in homes and as such, it feels good or healthy to breathe. Therefore it is necessary to increase moisture in areas where staying healthy and especially where there are children with health problems. The easiest way is to make water control in a bowl.
Care of sick children is of great importance, and certainly contributes to faster recovery. Unless your physician is not alert or is it a rash sick child should be washed every day. Be sure to change their clothes and bed linen change it whenever and as often as you need it. For example, if food has become dirty, upiski or vomit. Fostering oiling skin, medicated creams, applying powder is very important for a sick child. Also, hair and hygiene. Regularly and comb at least once a week is to be washed.

When it comes to preparing food for babies, it is necessary to take into account that proper hygiene is. Food should always be freshly prepared. Do not recommend standing food for more than 45 minutes. Always be prepared fresh meals. Milk is especially suitable for bacterial growth must therefore be prepared immediately before feeding. Babies are prone to infections and the cleanliness of cutlery is very important.Bottles, brushes for cleaning bottles, teats and other utensils should be washed in hot water and boiled in a covered pan. When the baby was younger it must be done regularly. At six months after the immune system is sufficiently developed, which means it can cope with certain bacteria. Therefore not necessary to constantly scouring equipment. After the meal should wash it with dishwashing liquid in hot water. From time to time still need to boil it. Bottle with boiling after you stop your child's first birthday.

Maintaining hygiene is equally important, and later when your child begins to walk and eat independently.It is necessary to get him used to regularly wash and hand crank to maintain oral hygiene .

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