Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to choose safe toys for babies?

A good toy is appropriate child is made of high quality, non-toxic materials, no parts falling off, and, most importantly, encourage the development of your toddler.

To 3 month - although infant toys are not necessary, above the carousel crib set with hanging figures, which will be able to follow gaze. The baby responds to sound positive, so choose Roundabouts that emit tones and peaceful lullabies. Do not place them on the side or behind the child's head, but in the middle of the crib.

To 6 months - baby should be surrounded by a soft toy made from linen or terry cloth, mild and bright colors, they will be able to catch a hand. Get it rattle you will be able to move from hand to hand. At this age, babies already starting to stuffing everything in their mouths, so they offer glockalice soft rubber or rubber.

To 9 month - The ball is perfect for a child this age they will gladly throw and keep an eye on. Kids are curious and like miniature cars, trains and ducks with rope, because they can pull together and to monitor their movements. Now is the time and to give them big blocks of bright colors because they are already skilled enough to follow one another.

To 12 months - intellectual and motor skills at this age are developing certain types of objects (circle, square, diamond) that the child should be inserted into the hole the same shape. The same purpose can be used in buckets that can be thrown balls and cubes, and children are interesting and miniature cars and other toys with wheels. Offer your child paper and crayons, because then, but can flourish.

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