Saturday, May 26, 2012

The health of your baby

From the moment you decided to become a mother, make sure you at your table are only natural foods. Proper diet, fresh foods rich in vitamins is of particular importance because it provides protection for mother and child. 

Take care of health. It is necessary and important to regularly visit a doctor. Each analysis gives the doctor the necessary information about the health of future mothers. It also points to discrepancies in health status which is very important for the mother, but also for the baby. The analyzes make it possible to help prevent the possible disadvantages that may prevent or stop the disease in its initial stages. Try to avoid everything that adversely affects your health, especially because it would jeopardize his next one more life. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

When a baby comes into the world it is necessary to devote her full attention and lots and lots of love. Allow it to grow and develop with proper nutrition and proper care. First of all cot should be placed in a room that is bright and regularly ventilated. Maintaining hygiene in the room is assumed, and regularly washing bedding and baby clothes. Avoid artificial materials and coarse fabrics. Gentle and delicate baby's skin suit most cotton items. Dress adjust weather conditions. Do not dress baby sweaters  if you are easily trained.

Wide changing table provides the proper development of the hip joint. It is therefore required from birth up to six months. Position with open legs bent and the position of the baby and spontaneously takes the best. Thus it can freely kicking legs in all directions. This type of bending to prevent potential disruptions in the development of the hip joint. On the other hand, when everything is in perfect order allows the proper development of this joint. As to the broader changing table and secure no matter which diaper you use. The only thing that cotton diapers than disposable often have to change to a baby which was less wet.

As far as diet is the healthiest course to breastfeed. In the first five months of your baby did not need anything extra other than sucking. In the beginning, do not limit the time breastfeeding. Breastfeed your baby whenever she asks. It will be necessary to add any liquid even in the summer. The only addition to the period AD drops are given to the baby than the fifteenth day after birth. The best and most complete food for babies is breast milk. It abounds in all the ingredients that the baby needed for proper growth and development. Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins. It has been shown that babies who are breastfed are more resistant, healthier, and that they are healthier when they grow up, and people. If you are forced to eat baby feed or artificial feeding is the exclusive food freshly prepared food just before a meal.Carefully read composition of the packaging and always give priority to food which is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

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