Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feeding a baby affect intelligence

Babies who were fed when they were hungry, have a higher IQ and better in school than those fed on schedule, according to a new survey of British experts.
The study, carried by "Daily Mail", indicates that years old children who were fed as babies when they were hungry, they have four to five points higher IQ than those fed on schedule.

Researchers at the University of Essex and Oxford Research conducted on three types of mothers and babies - babies who were fed according to plan on four hours, the baby that the mother failed to feed on schedule, and babies who are fed when they were hungry.

The results showed that babies who are fed when they were hungry had higher scores on intelligence tests than others.

Also, the study found that mothers who fed their children on track mostly the young, the poor and education. Children of mothers who are trying to stick to the plan but they just could have had similar results to children who are fed on demand.

"The difference between four and five points in IQ tests, although not statistically significant to the worst student in the class did the best, but can not be ignored," said Dr. Mary James of the University of Essex, adding that the result of a study refers to babies who were breastfed and those fed with artificial milk.

James explained to the class of 30, a student who is on the 15th place in the classroom with improvement of four or five IQ points could not come at the 11th or 12 location.

It is, however, cautioned that further studies are needed to determine the influence of the mode of feeding the children and their academic achievements.

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