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Ectopic pregnancy

Statistics show that 1 in 150 to 200 ectopic pregnancies. In ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg instead of the uterus, "attaches" the wall of the fallopian tubes, and rarely the development of such a pregnancy occurs in the abdominal cavity, ovary, or pelvic organs. 

Since the fetus does not develop in the uterus, therefore no natural exit for the birth of the child. The most common cause of ectopic pregnancy are chronic inflammation of the fallopian tubes (even 50%), because in that case, they can not perform its basic function. Fallopian tubes are the way in which the egg cells moving from the ovary, where there is a merger of male and female sex cells, to the uterus.

The body fights infection, however, no adequate therapy, the abdominal cavity to form a commissure - which consequently leads to less mobility of the fallopian tubes. Commissure only be treated surgically.Such reconstructive surgery exempt from the growth and commissure and is therefore very important that the time of diagnosis of infection and leaflets, which in any case easier and simpler than surgical removal of consequences bolesti.Urodjene anomalies also prevent the normal movement of eggs through.

About 20% of ectopic pregnancies occur after an abortion, infertility treatment and the fertility clinic, operating through also the cause of ectopic pregnancy. If a woman wants a child, and before that had been taking oral contraceptives through, the first month after stopping the pill reduces the ability of the fallopian tube under the influence of hormones. Signs of fallopian tubes relax and do not perform their normal function. In ectopic pregnancy, women in the body as it unfolds and in normal pregnancy. It is "deceitful" and no woman is able to localize itself felt her child, but it can detect any doctor with a timely ultrasound.

In ectopic pregnancy the uterus increases, increasing her muscle tone, hormonal changes are general images, and the woman feels "different", just as in normal pregnancy.

However, the more time passes, the size of the uterus ceased to correspond to the time of pregnancy, the oviduct is spreading. In the absence of the cycle is about 3 week there ichor. In ectopic pregnancy, the result can not develop in the fallopian tubes, and often do not survive more than a month and a half, tubal rupture, and that when women lose a lot of blood.

Doctors try to treat ectopic pregnancy, gentler methods, eg. laparaskopijom (removal of a fertilized egg), but is usually treated surgically. In severe cases, leads to the removal of the fallopian tubes. It is possible the treatment of ectopic pregnancy and medications, however, this method is very expensive, but effective.After treatment with ectopic pregnancy, at least 6 months, women must not go any higher effort, and depending on how much you care about your health after ectopic pregnancy treated depends on whether it will ever again be able to become a mother or not. In order to rest and renew the body, it is recommended physiotherapy, homostimulaciona therapy, treatment in the spa, beach holiday (in warmer regions) ...

In many cases, after ectopic pregnancy, women with fertility problems. In case of pregnancy, is often re-ectopic, abortions are common, but in any case, again it all depends on women ... After ectopic pregnancy if a woman wants to get pregnant and bore a healthy child, you should follow these tips:

* After surgery and treatment, it is necessary to complete the analysis, as if DNA testing methods, testing culture and serological analysis. It is possible that there is an infection in the hidden form that can not be detected with ordinary analysis.

* The body is one Danan after ectopic pregnancy need to revitalize and establish a normal work of the play, because it is necessary to protect against possible pregnancy.

* It is necessary to monitor the menstrual cycle, and in the absence (delay) cycle, even the slightest, you should check whether there had been pregnant.

* An important part of recovery and a healthy diet. We need to take vitamins A, E, B, askorutin, folic acid and Amber. 2 - 3 times a year take a course polivitaminskih products, eat leeks, pomegranate, seafood, kohlrabi, fish, bony and dry fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented milk products and cheese.

* It is necessary to strengthen the immune system. It is recommended that daily exercise and walk in the fresh air. It is also recommended swimming, jogging, course swing games ... With regular exercise strengthens the spine, cardio - vascular, respiratory and immune system.

* It is very important and your mood and positive ramisljanje. Your mood, even 90% of their own influence, and 10% is influenced by other factors.

* After the ectopic pregnancy should be specially prepared, it must be planned and it is best to achieve them only 2 years. after ectopic.

In order to achieve conception should be respected and any instructions that you will certainly be useful.

To determine the time of ovulation, it is necessary to measure basal body temperature. The usual is 37.1 to 37.3 degrees, and from ovulation to increase from 0.3 to 0.6 degrees Celsius.

After intercourse, women should be allowed to age and if the uterus is in normal position - on his stomach with his knees attracted to breasts, and if-set - on the back. Next 2 - 3 days, women should be relaxed, otherwise it will not come until fertilization or increases the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

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