Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Earrings are not for babies

Pediatricians advise not to rush with piercing. Minđušicom ear injuries, and infections that can occur due to improper drilling and maintenance of the wound after that, and are more than enough reason why babies should not pierce your ears.

It often happens that parents are their children with less than a year ear piercing. Many of them go to the nearest jeweler, to do this so-called piercing gun, which should be sterilized. However, pediatricians advise that with such decoration should not be rushed, because it is not at all harmless. Minđušicom ear injuries, and infections that can occur due to improper drilling and maintenance of the wound after that, and are more than enough reason why babies should not pierce your ears.

Parents who do decide that your little girl ears pierced, they should first be checked to find out who works well and that, because it is important that everything be sterilized, to be initially rejected the possibility of infection, said Dr. Natalija Lazović, a pediatrician in the House health "Old Town".

"I do not agree with it to toddlers ear piercing, and I had the opportunity to see the baby of two months with a large, round earrings," said Dr. Lazovic for "vBulletin".

It should be noted that each bite traumatic for the child, so and so. True, the little one is a short-term memory, and one to quickly forget and do something to remain in their subconscious, nobody knows.

On the other hand, the baby during sleep spins, turns, could happen to her minđušica attaches the pillow, the fence of the crib or, simply, that the pull handle. Then can be hurt and cleft uvula. This can happen in the game with other children. So be very careful.

If a parent notices that the child has a pierced ear redness or swelling, to feel the pain ... Council to pull minđušicu and immediately told the pediatrician. Because it is a sign that the infection occurred.

Infection occurs because during the drilling equipment was not sterilized, or because the wound is not maintained properly. That is, it is considered a place where every day is a pierced ear and gently rotate minđušicu, that does not heal. If you experience a little redness, this place should be wiped with povidone iodine or some similar preparation.

If the redness spread and came to the island, then be sure to tell your doctor because this is not a harmless situation, since it is an area of ​​the head. In case you are late with the intervention, there may be a hassle. If the infection spreads to the ear lobe, then you can go deeper, the entire ear canal, and inner ear, and can even cause inflammation of the meninges? However, this rarely happens. Because, in most cases, when parents notice redness or swelling, just react.

"To prevent infections with antibiotics, a wound from the sting and locally processed. When all this is over, the child may later without fear that carries minđušice, and even to re-pierce your ears, but it is very important to the proper drilling and maintenance," said Dr Lazović .

There is a possibility that the child after the ear piercing is an allergic reaction, which creates an additional problem. An allergy occurs in a rash and swelling, you should be sure to contact a pediatrician, a minđušicu previously removed.

To avoid this situation, parents should first be assured that you are minđušice parts that touch the ears are made of surgical steel or gold četrnaestokaratnog. Dr. Lazovic said that the most common allergies occur when the earrings have nickel in it. Therefore advisable to first minđušice be of a precious metal - gold or silver.

"Precious metals have a so-called oligodinamsko effect, which means that sterilized environment. It is therefore important that, after a temporary minđušica which a child should wear the first month, be sure to put the gold. It is known that if you put water into a glass ring of gold After a while the water will be purified from bacteria. Therefore, if the gold was put on the wound, it almost never bled, but if not properly pierced ear. "

Girls may wear earrings until the age of three or four years, not before. Then the "mature" and can itself take care not to injury, the doctor thinks Lazović.

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