Monday, May 7, 2012

Early signs of labor

How do I know that labor begins?
Start of delivery means the appearance of real contractions (labor) and / or spraying of the membranes.

The real contractions - most women are asked whether the convergence of many indicators of labor (back pain, false contractions, pressure the baby's head), be able to recognize the real contractions that are introduced into labor. It is certain that you will recognize them. They become stronger and more frequent, more severe that they can "predisposition", and nothing you do - whether you're at it, take a walk, to sit, will not stop them! Then you need to contact the ward.

If you live in a place from which you need more time to get to the maternity hospital, take the time, even before his time, to avoid giving birth in the car! The contractions may be accompanied by spotting mixed with mucous secretions, which is usually a sign of expansion and shortening of the cervix.
I am afraid that my newt break in a public place and to be shame!
For most women, rupture of the membranes occurs in parallel with the appearance of contraction. So there will be strong splashing overture contracted abdominal pain and lower back as you certainly will not surprise you at any moment to go public.

When Newt bursts have just time to go to the maternity hospital for the birth definitely begun.
What is the mucosa to plug?
"Mucosa cap" is one of the signs of closer to the birth is imminent. When the cervix begins to spread and reduce, it is possible to notice a mucous discharge, which may be slightly bloody, and seems more abundant secretion. If you find that gone fresh blood should contact your gynecologist.
What to do when you start contractions?
Do not panic. Your body is created that can perform.
Here are some tips:

If the night and the contractions are not strong try to sleep. Gain contraction will certainly wake up and you'll have time to go to the maternity ward. Peaceful sleep and believe that until now no one gave birth in a dream!

By day you can walk freely, so that if he started birth boost walking and prolonged contraction.

Feel free to take a shower. This will help you relax.

Do not eat! In case you need to complete delivery by Caesarean section, a full stomach can be a problem because of the possibility of vomiting and aspiration of gastric contents. You can safely drink the water.

Do not panic. Your body is created that can perform.
When it's time to leave the maternity ward?
In the maternity ward when you move:

Breast newt, regardless of whether the spraying of the membranes followed by the appearance of contraction or not.

The contractions were regular, occurring every 10 minutes or less and lasting at least 30 seconds.

Several contraction is so strong you can not walk or talk until the contraction lasts.

Of course, every situation is different from the normal start of delivery (bleeding of any intensity, if you feel your baby the last few hours, if you feel fatigue, ringing in the ears, you see double images, you have a pain in the upper abdomen) requires you to immediately contact in the maternity ward.

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