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Do you give babies water?

The baby drink as much as she needs.

Pediatrics - giving the water a newborn: A child should be offered water after meals or between meals. The claim that an infant will suck less if you drink water simply does not hold

The water is unnecessary in the first six months

Among the many dilemmas that are young parents seem to serve only to confuse them is this: whether a newborn needs pojiti water or liquid is the "forbidden" and unnecessary to six months.

World Health Organization recommendations that mothers breastfeed their babies for at least six months and during that period they do not provide any additional liquid. It has been shown that breast milk meets all your baby's food needs and, therefore, recommends that babies be breastfed on demand, rather than a preset schedule. In accordance with the recommendation, giving any additional fluids in the first six months of baby's life involves interference with the process of breastfeeding.

Dr Vera Vujovic, head of pediatrics at the Belgrade DZ "Stari Grad", believes that there should be strict in making these and other decisions relating to children.

- Baby should be offered water, if thirsty, she will drink it - thinks the doctor. - The claim that an infant will suck less if drinking water is simply not true. It is certain that the mother will not water the first and only then feed the child. It is important to offer your baby water after meals or between meals.

Depending on the temperature and humidity, and weight babies and its activities, the recommended daily amount of fluid intake during the first weeks of life are between 80 milliliters and 160 milliliters up between third and sixth months. Some pediatricians believe that breast milk during the first six months meets all the nutritional and fluid requirements, even as it contains 88 percent water and provides sufficient energy toddler. So say the first few months babies do not need to get additional water.


Dr. Vujovic recalls that earlier pediatricians advise mothers to children's individual teas, but recently they are not recommended. It is believed that the healthiest and enough breast milk, and tea was unhealthy because of the tannins, which inevitably contains.
In situations where the baby is dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea, a fever or is in the middle where it's warm, it's best to first consult with her doctor about the amount of additional water because the baby's stomach is small, so apart from reducing the scope for milk, water can cause some other disorders.

If your baby formula milk used for the preparation of bottled water is recommended, with a low percentage of minerals. Although some mothers used boiled tap water, bottled water is much safer, because in some regions, water can contain ingredients that are not even boiling can not be removed.

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