Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Advice for future dads

Dear men should know that it is very important to your behavior, attitude, and I have access to your wife during those nine months.

First of all, and before you decide to expand your family, you must be aware and calm to your life will be completely changed. Last child in the world's most beautiful and happiest moment for your family, but also one of the most difficult moments. For the next happiness and love that little creature that will adorn your home, and soon created problems, such as the beginning's sleep, crying, the first zubici, first vaccines and much more with you soon meet for the first time in my life. As a child over to the problems are greater. But dear future father Do not get scared and back down, because if you've already decided that next step or is it just happened in your lives, take courage and know that you expect plenty of memorable moments later, a very dear memories.

The greatest emphasis to put on your attention to his beloved during those nine months. When you say "other" state, believe that this is really so. Each woman reacts differently to their "other" status so that sometimes you will not understand his wife in her lusts, desires, and sometimes you will not even recognize in her reactions and behavior. It is for you sometimes completely different person than the one of a few months ago. So it's "other" condition. In such moments swallow the lump in your throat, keep secret his master the sometimes anger, to answer her, and finally try to understand that it is not easy and sometimes very difficult. So even if your wife gets paid simply attack a hug and a few nice words can do anything to solve.

It is important that during (and after) these nine months, be careful, tolerant and understanding, because women still carry that weight and burden of your love. Help her understand that understood the nine months as the most beautiful period of your lives, but it does not accept a true disease of pregnancy, to let her and when it is impossible to explain that the most sensitive to the blessed state, and how much you'll be happy when you see the fruit of your love.

I must emphasize that a woman needs help not only in the nine months, but after. Many, unfortunately, a large percentage, are caring, kind, loyal and full of tenderness until the child comes into the world. When that moment happens suddenly turning back, full of all obligations and duties and responsibilities leave mum. Do not be one of them because then you have your wife and baby needed most. You play a very important role, without which your family can not function normally and your help is needed.

Recognize that each woman gently and sensitively will be (it does not mean that you are not), and that it needs a firm hand and a strong back on which can always rely, and that is yourself!

So when the father of this second kind of love, do not quench your komjuter restart it but because you forgot to do something else - to be always there and that together with your beloved just enjoy the fruit of your love.

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