Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby can also hurt a tooth

The main cause for the occurrence of circular cavities is long grip bottle with juice, sweetened tea or milk in the baby's mouth.
Parents should pay more attention to the condition of the teeth very small children, as well as what to feed them, because their teeth vulnerable to decay, as in older children. At the same time the dental predstavljaja direct result of diet and hygiene of the mouth and teeth, as recent research has shown, writes "News".

When it comes to the youngest, experts explain, a special form of decay, known as circular cavities. Also known as early childhood caries, or tooth decay of children fed a nipple. Unlike other cavities, circular occurs at an early age, immediately after eruption of teeth. Occurs rapidly and include several of the teeth, with frequent complications in the form of pus sac, just around the teeth.

Parents with their children, tooth decay in early childhood may escape if the vrme begin to disuse of the bottle, or just give them unsweetened water. Pacifier should not dip in honey, to make the child more easily accepted. The child should not be given sweets and snacks between meals, and be sure to regularly maintain their oral hygiene. And above all, immediately after eruption of teeth should seek advice from a dentist on the protection of their health.

Cavities formed by the first surgery of the upper incisors, spreading quickly to other upper teeth, and later at the bottom. Parents, indeed, often do not notice the first signs of change, manifested in the form of white spots in the neck of the upper incisors. A just and white spots represent the destruction of the enamel, which is spread circularly around the teeth. After some time, teeth become corroded and discolored, crumbling, and in the end only the roots remain.

The main cause for the occurrence of circular caries is often prolonged and holding a bottle of juice, sweetened tea or milk in the baby's mouth. Also, the child's sleep nipple dipped in honey, and prolonged sleep baby sucking at the breast. In fact, any longer retention of sugar in the mouth, either from a bottle or breast milk the perfect food source for bacteria triggers decay.

Given that this type of decay due to a lack of care on children's teeth, this means that parents must regularly peru teeth their babies, and after each meal. And they should be accompanied by a gauze soaked in warm water, gently remove plaque from teeth. In addition, it should be applied and fluorides for the youngest of which are known to strengthen the resistance of teeth, thus preventing tooth decay.

If you notice a white patch, contact your dentist for teeth and the youngest, though changing, is to be treated, especially when the decay occurs. Kvarni teeth in infants and young children as in adults, can lead to the emergence of other diseases. In addition, children who have become corrupt teeth nervous, hard to eat, I can not sleep ... If the decay occurs due to complications and the spread of infection to surrounding tissue, it is necessary to extract residual radicle.

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