Thursday, May 3, 2012

Babies on a summer holiday

Do I need to go on vacation with a baby dilemma of many parents ...

If you have recently become parents, this year you may still be able to spend the summer near his hometown. If you have a terrace, garden or summer house, summer in the fresh air and deep shade is a good choice.

Parents of young babies often go on summer vacation plans this to be good for their child. However, pediatricians say it is not justified for very small babies change their place of residence, especially in summer, because more adaprtiraju the life out of my mom's belly. We recommend that you opt for closer destinations and places where temperatures are much higher than in your town.

To make your journey as comfortable, it is best to make certain preparations on time, at least ten days before the trip. In addition to the list of most needed items for the summer, it is necessary to take into account the things you need on the way. If this is your first home with the baby, and you decided to spend it away from home, it is better to take the thing more than to find yourself in a situation where you lack the "little things" such as a thermometer, diapers, milk, or something like. You do not have to buy everything, and much more you can borrow, for example, shopping carts, pads for glass, rubber muscles for swimming and the like.

Sea, mountain or village?

Slight advantage to the mountains with moderate altitude (800 - 1200 meters). At sea may be too warm, even when you follow all the advice about sun protection is sometimes difficult to endure a period of 11 to 17 hours. However, in the mountains to watch the sun, because the air is thin there, so the UV activity strengthens and freshness gives a false impression that the sun is not strong.

If you opt for more, it is necessary to comply with any advice about sun protection.

Rural tourism is a great (in the last few years offer spread), provided that all the hygiene for baby room.

What should be considered when selecting a place to vacation?

Avoid places that are far away from shops, health centers, which have problems with water supply, and urban, noisy place, with a high frequency of people, so-called "top of it." It is important to choose a destination that has a pediatrician or a pediatrician close and easily accessible. We hope that you will not need it, but if there is some problem there should be an expert to review the baby face. For small babies is a good view of any doctor, but it should be a pediatrician.

How to choose a good accommodation?

If you have a young baby, it's best to choose the apartment, because there's a kitchen, which will, liked it or not, be very much needed. While on vacation, bottles must be sterilized, water to prokuvava, no need for a fridge can not be ignored. If you are staying in a room without a kitchen, ask your host to permit the use of the same, and foods that have a baby (porridge, fruit juices) must hold in the refrigerator. If you ask the hotel if you can use a small kitchen. In private houses many of the houses have beautiful terraces and courtyards with shade, so use them at a time when not allowed to go to the beach.

If you have a child older than two years you are able to choose where to locate. Hotel, apartment or a spacious room, the choice is yours.

How long to stay on summer vacation?

In good conditions - the longer the better. However, the rest should take less than two weeks to toddler adapted to the new environment.

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