Saturday, May 5, 2012

Babies love the sound of blow-dryer

All the senses or treatment plan works well in the first days of life and the infant as a sponge absorbing the sounds, images and smells. Babies calm sounds that are similar to those heard in the stomach

The baby will initially be hypersensitive to loud and sudden noises

You may think that your baby does not know the first few weeks to do nothing but eat, sleep and cry, but not so. All the senses are functioning perfectly, but in the early days of the infant as a sponge absorbing the sounds, images and smells.

Vid baby is fine tuned so that they can see what is most important to him, and to the persons parents. When you hold a baby in her arms, she best "sharpen" the picture by looking at the person who holds, most are mothers and fathers, and can see objects, but difficult to retain attention. However, often seen in the distance through the glass that reflects sunlight or eye on the objects and people on the move. What color is concerned, babies are better than one contrasting color and does not distinguish between similar shades, but her black and white objects attract attention.

The sense of hearing is very active, listens to the sounds of a newborn around long before the birth, even in the stomach. First, listen to my mother's heart and a lot of mom's belly zvukovaa. Then reach out to the baby and the sounds from outside, most of those voices who speak with the parents and the music. When the baby is born, all these sounds become much louder and clearer, and because the baby will initially be a hypersensitivity to loud and sudden noises. When you hear the dryer or vacuum cleaner will usually settle down because they sound similar to those heard when she was in her stomach.

It is assumed that babies have a developed sense of smell because it is known to have developed to hear.Research has shown that babies prior to suck from a bottle with fresh water, while from a bottle of sour or bitter content to turn your head.

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