Thursday, April 19, 2012

Winter Pregnancy

Be happy and healthy pregnant women during the cold months.
Pregnancy in the summer months is often difficult due to high heat and strong sunlight. If you are pregnant during the winter, you must pay attention to other things. In winter, the immune system further weakened, are susceptible to seasonal viruses, colds and flu. Due to bad weather conditions, it is good to keep things in the car for emergencies, especially if you travel through the cold, snow and ice.

Please pay attention to what else to watch out for in pregnancy to be healthy and to feel comfortable during the cold months.


Invest in a good maternity jeans or pants, jacket and coat good. If you are heavily pregnant in the winter months, you will be much more comfortable, warmer and if you have a good coat. Dress in layers is best for the winter because the temperature of the body during pregnancy a little higher so if it's hot indoors, you must ensure that the Stay warm when you go out in the cold.

Comfortable shoes

To buy a good winter boots, preferably with rubber soles. In winter, be especially careful on the icy pavement.When is ice out there, there is a danger of falling, and pregnancy should be more careful. If you fall, do not worry, the child is protected, but tell your doctor if you fall, just in case.


During pregnancy you get weight, but that does not mean that during the winter, especially over the holidays, you may go overboard with the snacks and holiday treats. Keep in mind that you still need to gain weight, so if you put on over the holidays, you can not go on a diet. You shall eat a good breakfast and eat healthy.

Lots of water

In winter, you spend much time indoors where the air is dry due to heating, and this can cause bleeding from the nose. The skin is especially dry in winter and hydration it needs inside and out, so do not forget to drink enough water.

Face Cream

The skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, hormones directly affect the skin may appear dry or acne, facial skin irritation. Sunscreen is important in the winter, especially if it snowed and snow reflect the sun's rays.

Physical Activity

In winter the long walks are not pleasant, especially if it's really cold or the snow and ice covered streets. But that does not mean that you may sit back in the couch and just lie there. If you stay active until the end of pregnancy, childbirth will be easier. Use the stairs instead of elevators, but make sure you have good shoes and that you have to catch you when you walk.

Do not clean the snow

Someone has to clean up snow in front of the house, but that is not you. When shoveling snow cleaning, doing movements that are not good for the stomach. The snow was hard and constantly have to bend and rise again, thus pushing the abdomen, back and litter.

Get a flu shot

If you are second or third trimester, are vaccinated against the flu. The immune system is weakened you and you need all the help you stay healthy. Wash your hands regularly, because you are more susceptible to bacteria.

Vitamin D

Sunlight is a source of vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium, which strengthens the bones of the mother and child during pregnancy. During the winter you are less exposed to sunlight, so consult your doctor about taking extra vitamins.

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