Thursday, April 19, 2012

Will it be a girl or boy?

The answer to the question everyone wanted to know. While some claim that they can influence the conception of a particular gender or swear that they know the sex of the baby wear, until the parents themselves can not see with our eyes, surprises are possible

Folk wisdom about how to conceive a boy or girl or sex of the baby wear are fun and may even try, because ultimately, why do not we all made to achieve the desired result if we can not hurt and might help? All these suggestions, however, shared two things - are not scientifically proven or guaranteed result.
That's why we bring you the results of some studies which may be indicative of the answers you need. The next questions to answer so you can understand as a show of probability, but not as evidence because it is the results of scientific research according to which the gender was conceived based on a detail from the lives of couples. As much as your answers pointing to a particular sex, at the end of surprises are always possible.

How old are you?
There is evidence that the probability of girls at birth increases with maternal age, especially from the 35thSpecifically, the sex of the child affects the gonadotropin hormone whose levels in a woman's body increases with age.

How old is the father?
As the father of the older, declining quality of sperm and produces less "male" sperm. This reduces the chance that the male sperm fertilizes the egg.

How long have you lived together before conception?
It is assumed that as long as a couple in a relationship, more rarely has sex. This means that the chance that the relationship happens on the day of ovulation is less. "Male" sperm are faster and live shorter than "female" sperm, which are slower and live longer. For the few relationships that female sperm live longer are more likely to survive and fertilize the egg.

How many children have you?
Scientific studies have shown that more children you have, the greater the chance that the next child be a girl.This may be associated with it through many pregnancies in the body increase the levels of the hormone gonadotropin. It affects an increased chance of birth of girls.

Is your diet before pregnancy was very calorie or low calorie?
The study, which included 740 women, women were divided into groups according to the amount of calories you eat every day. 56% of women with high amounts of caloric intake bore boys. 45% of women who ate low-fat foods have given birth to boys. The average calorie intake in women who gave birth to boys was the 2413th The average calorie intake in women who gave birth to girls was the 2283rd
It is assumed that our bodies are "investing" in male children (who are more sensitive and statistically live shorter lives) only when the community has enough food. In times of famine and scarcity of evolution is directed towards the "safer" alternative. However, independent of these assumptions, pregnant women should pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet because it is a pledge of the birth of a healthy baby!

Are you pre-pregnancy have a lot of stress?
In time of war gives birth to more boys you have shown in many studies. It seems that stress raises cortisol and testosterone. This can lead to changes in the egg, which at once makes the male sperm penetration. Why this happens is still not clear as not many mysteries associated with fertilization.

In which season you conceived?
One study from Germany, where the observed 63 976 births in the period since 1965. to 1970. showed that boys were often conceived in the early summer, and girls more frequently in winter. In spring and autumn are the conception was equal. This may be related to the diverse and rich diet in summer or with the increase of viruses and infectious diseases that occur in winter. Male embryos are more sensitive and more susceptible to disease if the mother is sick.

Are you pregnant so that ovulation was controlled by artificial hormones?
Studies have shown that women whose ovulation was artificially stimulated with clomiphene example more often give birth to girls.

Do you suffer from severe pregnancy nausea with vomiting or have already passed strong nausea?
Some experts believe that the emergence of strong nausea in pregnancy has to do with a girl wearing that elevated levels of estrogen in this case.

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