Saturday, April 21, 2012

What feels the baby immediately after birth?

Small babies after birth must be adapted to the new world and environment around them, new sounds, light, sensations that are completely unknown to her.

Probably we will never know what a baby feels in the first moments after she was born, but it is certain that new world which is full time experience an incredible experience that has never experienced. It is, understanding her feelings and experiences could help your baby to be as comfortable and much easier to you.


While a head, your baby is between two very different world. So long as the end comes out of this world, her lungs are compressed and under pressure and can not breathe. Once born, her lungs are full of oxygen for the first time and experiencing first breath. You may immediately begin to cry or cough up and spit out the amniotic fluid, in order to free up airways for the first breath. Of course, hospital doctors and nurses to help your baby in those first moments, and they clean the respiratory organs. Once cut, the umbilical cord, her breathing, circulation and digestion begin to work away from you.

After the birth

Your baby after delivery must be adapted to the new world and environment around them, new sounds, light, sensations that are completely unknown to her. There is an option that your baby will accept the world around you is very quiet, but the more likely that everyone will feel a new experience that will be accompanied by a cry of varying intensity. What you can only do is to try to comfort her with his presence, privijaju─çi it with you, it is best to skin to skin, comforting her with his voice, who knows, so you feel your warmth and hear your heart beat again.

Newborn babies can not regulate the body heat, which means that they can quickly become cold. Covering it with a warm, soft blanket and placing a cap on her head you will keep warm. The room may be dimmed light to her eyes more easily adapted to light.

Also, your baby will soon learn your scent and will be fascinated by your face. However, the most likely to be fascinated with your breasts and nipples, when it starts to work sucking instinct. Your baby is also born with some basic reflexes. For example, will turn his head towards you, if her cheek and gently podragate will catch you the finger if you put it in her palm.

The rapid recovery

The strength of your contractions and volume displacement babies, including the use of instruments to facilitate the delivery of the baby can leave the consequences in the form of swelling, bruising and hematoma. Maybe the swelling will not normally be able to open your eyes, there is a possibility that her head hurt if during labor was very compressed or injured. What you can do at this point is to be as gentle in "handling" her to sleep as much as possible, feeling warm and safe.

After an hour of birth which your baby will probably be awake, but after that it will take a long sleep to recover from physical exertion, which is itself experienced during labor. If you have given birth in certain pain relievers, there is a possibility that your baby after the birth to be a bit exhausted and sleepy, and you will feel the consequences in the next few days, and lactation may be more difficult, do not know that suck it up and you'll have to wake her to feed her.

As much as you want to give your baby all the best, sometimes that just is not possible. Your baby will all have to experience things themselves, and you are only there to facilitate this it probably the biggest change in human life - birth.

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