Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ten questions to ask a gynecologist

Find out about the pregnancy in terms that you expect in childbirth
First Which best maternity hospital working with? Every gynecologist - or at least most - has its own "nursery of choice". Or is business related to a maternity ward, or otherwise cooperate with it routinely. Ask him to tell you what would you recommend and why - it will tell you much about his attitude toward labor. If you want natural childbirth, choose a gynecologist who understands and supports that will lead you in the right way and give you the right information. And that will, eventually, to recommend the best choice for your nursery.

Second What procedures and tests that await me by the end of pregnancy? Although some standard tests and are conducted according to the schedule in advance more or less every gynecologist, ask about it - it is important to know in advance how your gynecologist or takes pregnancy, advocates the more or less ultrasound, more or less frequent blood tests, etc. .

Third Which books do you recommend? Education is paramount, and any task in life will not be as demanding as motherhood. Answers to many questions you can find out for yourself, for example on issues of diet, exercise, practical things with the baby ... Anyway, ask your doctor to recommend a literature that is not lost in the jungle to the title in bookshops.

4th What your doctor may recommend if trudničkih disturbances and pain? Pregnancy is a blissful state, but the pregnancy come many more or less interference. Digestive problems, backaches, insomnia ... it is all a normal part of pregnancy, but that does not mean you have to suffer. Ask your doctor to recommend a means to relieve the pain and talk with him about the possibilities you have. Some women, for example, want only natural remedies - to understand whether your gynecologist? Do you approve?

5th With whom your gynecologist is closely cooperating? Can you meet that person? In private gynecological practice - as a doctor in the maternity unit - is not a rare occasion that your doctor uses a medical specialist, for example, ultrasound specialists, experts in diabetes in pregnancy, experts in multiple births and the like.Familiarize yourself with the possibilities.

6th What your gynecologist recommended courses? Today there's a lot of different trudničkih courses, and some maternity father presence at birth condition completed antenatal course. Consult a gynecologist and ask him to recommend a course within the local health center or hospital. The gynecologist and let him have the last word when deciding on sport during pregnancy.

7th Does your gynecologist routine interventions during labor? This is important information when choosing caregivers. Part of the answer you'll definitely get a choice in maternity wards because some interventions are routinely performed at birth, whether needed or not, while others cultivate a somewhat more liberal approach.No final answer, you will learn only from the person who will assist in childbirth.

8th When we begin to talk about induced labor? Induced labor should be applied in cases when the baby is safer outside than inside. But many doctors induced labor is often used even when it is not a medical necessities. Read this information before - ask your doctor about the position of the induced labor.

9th What are my options in childbirth? Some maternity hospitals require that during the entire birth lying down, in others you can walk, sit, squat ... Do not rely solely on the experiences of women who have already had - even though these experiences are valuable - but openly ask your doctor what you are all enabled.

10th And what after delivery? Would you like to have a baby with you at all times? You want to be with other moms in the room? Want your own apartment? Learn all about the common practice of the selected hospital.Using the usual practice of supplemental feeding a baby without the consent of the mother? What dohranjuju them? Find out!

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