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Symptoms of pregnancy

Nausea, pain in lower abdomen, the dizziness ... and a question: I might be pregnant?

In this text, you can find out how much the symptoms that you have reliable indicators of pregnancy

The main indicators
Important note: The signs of pregnancy is an important number of them. "Otherwise unreliable" characters can become reliable if they occur frequently. Let's look at that:

First Nipples are my last days significantly dimmed.
Under the influence of pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow, skin area, vulva and areola darkened. It is likely that the small bumps on the areola, so called. Montgomery's glands, and further ispupčiti posmeđiti.

Second My breasts are so sensitive that day, but I can not sleep on your stomach
Due to changes in hormone levels that follows immediately after fertilization, the growth of breast mammary gland. Breasts become larger and therefore harder it is often associated with a painful sense of tension.

Third Menstruation is delayed me a few days, now suddenly appears slightly slimy bleeding. Happens if such bleeding during pregnancy?
Such bleeding occurs at the beginning of pregnancy. The doctor needs to determine the cause. In early bleeding has to do with placing the embryo into the uterus, the only theory that is not medically proven. Slimy bleeding may have other causes.

4th I get sick when you bake meat. That never happened before
Many pregnant women are very sensitive to the smell because all senses focused in pregnancy. Scientists suspect that behind this hidden finger of nature. Perishable foods like meat or fish, but the fact that pregnant women should avoid (alcohol, too much coffee, cigarettes) for future mothers "stink" - smell should stop taking the unhealthy things. In this way a mother protects her and the child's health.

5th The belly is my tough days and inflated
Increased secretion of progestin during pregnancy in part limits the function of the intestine that can cause constipation and flatulence explained. No such problems with the bowel appear every now and then, regardless of pregnancy.

6th Constantly feel the twinge in her lower abdomen, other than abdominal pain before menstruation
The uterus is set for a pregnancy that follows a typical piercing in her lower abdomen. The uterus grows, it increasingly blood flow, the creation of new vessels. Expectant mothers feel the change. Many say something is going on in my belly. For most women, is clearly distinct feeling the baby in the belly of the other problems in the lower abdomen.

7th I'm concerned about fungal infections in the vaginal area. This last time I had as a teenager. I heard that they are more intimate area of ​​infection in pregnancy.
In pregnant women have vaginal discharge. This increases the likelihood of fungal infection. No one can relatively easily be obtained without pregnancy.

8th I have a tremendous appetite, especially the sweet. Can not get past the bakery, not to take candy
Adjustment process that begins with pregnancy cost of power, the body consumes more energy. So many new mothers feel increased hunger and appetite. Seizures affect women and hunger before your period, or if you are under great stress.

9th I do not feel well, I am terribly tired and we are constantly spinning, hopefully for good reason.
Early pregnancy tired, can cause dizziness. The reason is in the early months of reduced pressure and strong prokrvljavanje uterus and other organs are important for pregnancy, such as placenta. Taking a shower alternating hot and cold water, a balanced diet and a walk in the fresh air can improve the general condition.Dizziness and fatigue should remember, and anemia - but it will review the doctor immediately to determine.

10th I was just on the toilet and I have to again. While I run in the purchase of any toilet for visitors. But I have no pain at bladder inflammation. I know that pregnant women often need the toilet, but it does not come until later when the stomach is larger and presses against the bladder?
S during pregnancy and the belly is growing, increasing the need to urinate. But many women in the early stage must often use the toilet. This is due to increased estrogen levels. This hormone relaxes the muscles and tissues, including those in the urinary tube, which is now serving a lower pressure.

11th When I woke up, throw up. After showering again. That means only one thing, or?
Such a strong point of nausea pregnancy. Especially if repeated next year. Responsibility for the poor condition of a pregnancy hormone HCG. Some women really respond to it, some less. If pregnancy is established, the thrill of novelty may be associated with more nausea worse. In severe vomiting, the mother should go to the doctor.

12th In the groin pierces me like I'm slowly sprain. My sister thinks that pierces her when she was pregnant with my first child.
In early pregnancy, increased estrogen is produced which relaxes the ligaments in order to follow the increase in the abdomen. In the groin area feels like a stabbing and shooting. No cause of disease can be a sprain.

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