Sunday, April 15, 2012

Small and large weight gain in pregnancy

What concerns me as I got in the weight in the first quarter?
Many women find it difficult to get the first weeks of pregnancy and the gram weight, some even lose weight, usually due to morning sickness. Fortunately nature has taken care to some extent protect babies whose mothers because nausea can not eat well in the first trimester of pregnancy. Fruit needs for calories and nutrients during this period are not as large as will be later, so it is unlikely that insufficient weight gain in the beginning to leave the consequences. However, if after this period will not be given the weight it can have consequences, and significant, because the need for calories and nutrients sastijcima increase as pregnancy progresses.

So do not worry, but eat. I begin to track your weight to make sure that it is increasing at a satisfactory pace-about 450gr per week to 8 months. If the problem continues with the weight, try a stronger and more effective nutrition. Try, too, that every day a little more you eat, not vaulting meals and taking more uzina.Ukoliko you can not eat large meals, eat 4-6 small meals a day instead of three abundant. Salads, soups and drinks take after the meal that you would not be tired too soon. Eat foods rich in healthy fats (nuts, oily fish, avocados, olive oil), but do not try to increase the number of pounds of food, adding to its fast-food that the gain in weight zaoblice your figure, but no baby.

I was shocked to learn that I have already received in the first trimester of 6 kg. What do I do now?

What balance now shows can not be changed. This gain in weight will be able to solve only some time after birth.Also, this increase in weight do not count as an increase over the next trimester. Fruit needs a constant influx of calories and nutrients, especially in the months to come. So now you can not lower the number of calories expecting that the result of receiving adequate nutrition from the stock that you have accumulated. Keeping a child in order to reduce or maintain weight during pregnancy is not good, and is particularly dangerous in the second and third trimester when the fetus is developing quickly and dramatically significant.
Although you can not do anything with a weight that you have already acquired, there are many things you can do to prevent excessive weight gain continues. Some pregnant women are rapidly ugoje in early pregnancy because they go too far with sweets containing much starch, and gain from them when you have morning sickness. If that was your problem, you should now be gradually reduced as the sensitivity of your stomach slowly off, a growing appetite for diverse food. Other pregnant women are over-ugoje in the first quarter as it adopted a wrong attitude-that food is not limited to their duty and obligation.

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