Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sling baby carriers for intelligence

Modern and practical carriers will help the health of your kid.
Apart from the long walk in the spring sun, a young mother at the same time can enjoy the intimate aspects of their babies. The feeling of closeness and intimacy they provide a sling carrier.

In addition, babies in carriers get a sense of security over time, become less weepy. And when the children cry less, means you have more time and inclination for play and learning. Therefore, children whose mothers used baby carriers, more intelligent than others. By this revolutionary conclusion came pediatricians William and Martha Sears, and the parents of eight children alone.

"Sling carriers encourage the proper development of the child's legs as in the higher position of the buttocks. Also, the correct position of the baby's chin towards the body of the mother or father make breathing easier," says director of Elting says Dunja Sabljak P, whose company distributes Amazonas sling carriers, one of the world's best brands.

Besides the practical design, the great advantage of slings and positive impact on the health of babies. Babies are born with spinal C-shaped and may take up to a year to direct the spine. The baby carriers occupy the best position for the development of the spine. Looking at all the advantages, carriers are really a great help to mothers, children and fathers.

"The attachment sling slings, it is important to get a sense, there should be no prestisnuto prelabavo either because that way the child is not in a good position, a parent is harder to handle," said Dunja.

Sling carriers are simple to use and allow the child's need for warmth and security.

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