Sunday, April 15, 2012

Problems with a tan in pregnancy

Radiated by the glow of a happy pregnant woman is not only a consequence of their joy of impending motherhood, it is the result of increased production of oil due to hormonal changes. For the same reasons caused some other changes in the skin, the less happy experience some pregnant women (especially those in which it appears in the premenstrual period pimples).

Although it is difficult to completely prevent the occurrence of pimples, here are suggestions on how to reduce them to a minimum;

- Observe proper nutrition during pregnancy, it is good for your skin and your baby 
-Clean the face 2-3 times a day with mild lotion
-Do not go near a fountain to drink a glass of vode.Unosenje not lead to a sufficient amount of skin provides the necessary humidity and purifying it.
-Use low-fat moisturizing cream to moisten the skin.

If your doctor approves, take vitamin B6, no more than 25-50 mg. This vitamin is used for the treatment of skin problems that are caused by hormones and helps to reduce morning sickness.
If the changes of the skin such that it is necessary to see a dermatologist or an internist, be sure to emphasize that you trudni.n Some acne medications, especially Accutane and Retin-A should not be used by pregnant women. Let your doctor recommended an asset that can be used in pregnancy.
Some pregnant women problem is dry skin, and sometimes can help svrab.Tu moisturizer (that would be better to soak it, they should be applied after bathing or showering, while skin is still damp). It is good to take as much liquid and moisten the air in rooms where you stay during the heating season. Too frequent bathing, especially with the use of soap, can increase dryness. So do not often swim in the bathtub, to replace a shower and short-term use cleaning agents that do not contain soap.
Ekscemi to worsen during pregnancy. Pregnant women with such problems can use cortisone creams that contain a smaller percentage, but in moderation.

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