Sunday, April 15, 2012

Problems with sleep during pregnancy

Problems with sleep in the first trimester
Poor sleep begins in the first trimester because of frequent trips to the bathroom (to urinate, vomit or thinking).Then, the rest needed for the beauty starts faces a host of other problems that place when the spouse starts to snore: moving heartburn, hunger, vivid dreams and nightmares, cramps, discomfort in the legs, nervousness.

Problems with sleep in the third trimester
In the third trimester, just when you sleep is most needed (to create reserves for the sleep deprivation that is waiting just around the corner), it becomes nedosti┼żniji. You can not even turn to be but with the help of a crane.Since pregnancy is nearing its end, and going to the bathroom became more frequent. The uterus and bladder pressure in the bladder becomes impossible to keep all the liquid that accumulates during the night. To make matters worse, your kidneys - they have to handle up to 50% more blood than usual - throw a lot more urine than before (if you did not know, pee for two).
How to find the right position?
What can you do to solve your problem? Here are some tips:

- Avoid caffeine in all forms and desist chocolate in the afternoon.
- Drink your eight glasses of water, but save some before bed. You do not have to drink one liter just before going to bed.
- Exercise regularly - during the day or early evening. Daily training will help you sleep better, but if it happens at bedtime may be counterproductive (exercise gives you energy).
- Take a light snack before bed to soothe hunger pangs during the night. Snacks should consist of protein and complex carbohydrates, as well as warm milk or decaffeinated tea. As well as avoiding caffeine should stay away from sugar because it will give you energy when you least need it.
- Save your warm bath before bedtime. A relaxing and soothing effects of warm baths will soon call a dream.
- Lets open the window - until the time pleasantly, naka window is still open. If not, create a pleasant atmosphere in the room (you, not your partner). Remember - the heart of excitement, the temperature should be lower.
- If you're in the mood, making love, or ask your husband to massage you - both the relaxing.
- Try a relaxation exercise - visualization, deep breathing, meditation, yoga or falderal, though you'd rather hit the sack.
A few ways to beat insomnia during pregnancy
When you get ready for bed, remember that there is "too much cushion." Use them to lean, lift your legs, pelvis, hands, whatever part of the body you want. If you can not sleep, get up, read a book, watch TV and try again.Frustration about not sleeping makes it even harder to fall asleep.

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