Sunday, April 22, 2012

Preparing for pregnancy

Timely preparation of the body for pregnancy can do a great service to his body, but also greatly increase the chances of conception, healthy pregnancy, easier delivery and faster recovery after him.

Although many couples forget about it, preparing for pregnancy and baby's arrival and the start before pregnancy. Timely preparation of his body and the living space and changing bad habits, pregnancy and childbirth will be much easier, and potentially dangerous risks are minimal, says abcparenting.

* Before pregnancy is definitely going to recommend a systematic and gynecological examination. The aim of this review is to determine whether you are physically and mentally ready for pregnancy. Also, your doctor may refer you to the necessary analysis and immunization. During the examination, the doctor may be considering is your current weight to determine the recommended weight during pregnancy. Visits to a doctor, except expectant mothers, fathers and future recommended, preferably between 90 and 120 days before conception.

* In addition to visits to doctors and performance analysis, definitely should not skip going to the dentist. The right dental health affects the health of the whole body, and dental disease and gingivitis may affect preterm delivery, and even the baby's weight reduction.

* If you have problems too thin or overweight, the fact would certainly have to start working before they become pregnant. Consult with your doctor about your ideal weight and work on it as you will be so much easier to endure pregnancy and childbirth.

* Change bad eating habits and your daily menu to include healthy foods from all main groups. Some are on your plate every day to find a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But be careful, because some foods because of pregnancy is advisable to avoid, such as liver, poorly cooked meat and tuna. Regular hidrirajte body, but avoid drinks and drink more water.

* It is recommended to stop taking any dietary supplements, especially if you start taking them on their own. A decision on possible taking supplements in this case is best left to the doctor.

* During pregnancy the body is greatly needed folic acid and vitamin B to ensure proper development and health of the baby during pregnancy. Sources of folic acid and vitamin B, see the food intended for pregnant women - enriched bread, pasta, cereals, peas, lentils, asparagus, mushrooms kombucha and orange juice.

* Before the pregnancy, problems with lack of iron is necessary to resolve, because anemia can significantly complicate the pregnancy. Iron deficiency is the best diet supplements make up for various prescribed by your doctor and advise.

* Reduce intake of caffeine in the body. This does not mean you have to completely stop drinking coffee, one cup of coffee a day will not hurt you. But be careful not to drink more than one cup of coffee a day and that the caffeine in the body does not enter directly through the sweet drinks, candy, food or medication.

* At the beginning of pregnancy planning are strongly recommended smoking cessation and alcohol consumption, and the same goes for expectant fathers. Expectant mothers who smoke during pregnancy and consume alcohol in larger quantities child at risk of lower weight at birth and possible severe health problems.

* It is very important to avoid potential infection and disease, so do not neglect hand hygiene, when planning a pregnancy should avoid raw meat and unpasteurized dairy products.

* Proper and regular exercise routine can be very helpful during the whole pregnancy and childbirth itself. This daily practice of only half an hour can be of great use in the weight-loss maintenance in the form of the body and reducing stress. The exercises that are recommended during pregnancy include yoga, swimming and walking that you'll feel better, healthier and More mobile.

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