Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pregnancy and winter

Winter is here! If you are pregnant, it's time to pay attention to some things.
Dress in pregnancy
First, winter means cold, and together with the icy and snow. Pregnant women more unfortunate because the focus is shifted most of the body due to increased belly and curved spine. Also, the ligaments and joints are weakened due to the effects of various hormones trudničkih so you are more exposed to injury and are unstable.Now even more need to be careful how and where you walk, you can influence the selection of footwear that will provide better stability, warmth and less slippage. This is no time to save on some things, think of your safety and the safety of the child. After all, the shoes will remain even after the pregnancy, be sure that it is not one of those things that can be used only by those few months of pregnancy.

Be warmly dressed, always keep a cap on his head. It is important to keep your heat through your head and lose most of it. And gloves to keep your arms should always be in our pockets, for better balance and readiness in case of falls.

For some clothing items - such as elastic turtleneck shirt and sweater underneath, you can save money rather because you can find in other stores at a much lower price than in specialized maternity. It is important to cover the entire abdomen and they are comfortable. Similar savings can be achieved and the socks, and even some thick-wide news. Coats and wide, that you can carry, and after pregnancy can be found in other stores.

Movements in Pregnancy
Take a walk. If no ice, if the path cleared, walk. It is also useful for motion, but also to the inhalation of fresh air.If you are still condemned to long stays in the house, do not lie too - unless of course the doctor has not prescribed otherwise. It is useful to separate the half-hour of light exercise. The warmth of home to be practiced steppers, oribtreku, stationary bicycle, you can lift lighter weights. Light stretching and exercise to strengthen the ligaments are always welcome. Just do not work on the abdominal muscles or lie on your stomach. It is safest to consult with your doctor about the recommended exercises. Sign up for aerobics, yoga, pilates, go for a swim, run, speed walk, exercise ... avoid a higher risk of falls and injuries, such as skiing, biking, contact sports, ...

Skin Care in Pregnancy
Arm yourself with creams. Moisturizing, soft creams. Now you are fighting an opponent with a few dry, cracked and itchy skin: cold, dry air, central heat, pregnancy hormones. Pamper yourself frequently to maintain healthy and soft skin. Pamper your feet as always. Varnish on the nails do not interfere with the pregnancy, a massage and care will stimulate circulation and relax. A person certainly spread before each release to the cold air.

Although in these cold days appear particularly tempting, avoid hot baths and saunas.

Food and drink in the winter
You will feel less need for fluid intake, but hot days are far behind you. But do not forget to drink plenty of fluids you need in these cold days! Take care and adequate intake of vitamins and minerals through healthy foods and pills.

Colds in Pregnancy
It would not hurt to be vaccinated during the second and third quarters of the flu. If you catch a virus check with your pharmacist about medications allowed. Many painkillers and temperature are allowed, and throat lozenges.It makes no sense to suffer. Drink lots of tea with honey and lemon. If you work and you can cause illness, not the time for filing junačenje stoical and illness in the workplace. Get sick, recovered from the disease, treat it to your baby as soon as possible.

Traffic Safety
Finally, learn the shortest route and alternative routes to the hospital. If the road is closed or you encounter a delay, you can manage to know. In this regard, special (financial) and attention to your car. People mostly rush when leaving the nursery, the drivers are under additional stress because of pregnancy by myself. Antifreeze fluids, chains, winter tires, complete service - all to make the time to avoid unwanted surprises.

But most importantly, enjoy your pregnancy and count the days until the meeting with her baby. Talk to her every day, regardless of the season. This is just your time. Good luck!

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