Sunday, April 22, 2012

Postpartum belly

It takes at least six weeks to return to the belly maternity normal size. Prior to that, do not think about the exercises that will strengthen the muscles of lower abdomen

Rest day and stretch before bedtime

The famous trainer of world stars James Dugan, who, among other exercises osmilio El McPhearson, believes that first-time mothers mistakenly immediately after delivery to start practicing how to restore the old line.

- A minimum of six weeks to return the stomach to normal size - said Dugan. - Prior to that, do you think about the exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen. Fish oil supplements help to produce hormones that stimulate fat burning. Take three capsules of 1,000 mg per day with meals and scroll to five.

In addition, Dugan recommends that each day you eat nuts, olives and olive oil, because they contain good fats that help burn the bad fats, and the better you can fight against fatigue.
Exercise, begin with gentle pelvic exercises, known as Kegel exercises. They act as a natural corset for your body and "do their" stomach. Every day, 15-20 times, in five series, tighten and relax the pelvic muscles. Do not do sit-ups, because the abdominal muscles need time to rebuild. Finally, Dugan advises: "Take breaks during the day and stretch before going to bed."

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