Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nutrition in pregnancy

Certain foods are not recommended in the wonderful state.
It is important to know that what you eat during pregnancy, the food and your unborn child. It is not advisable to radically change the habits - if you are already realized in life that suits you, just watch the intake of certain foods.

Tuna is one of the foods that lately is not recommended due to large amounts of mercury, especially in canned tuna. Excessive amounts of mercury, namely, can damage the nervous system of the child. However, tuna can be eaten - not only in excessive amounts. Mercury are also rich in mollusks, shellfish and other fish, so be careful with gifts.

Moderate use salt, and undercooked meats because of toxoplasmosis infection (infectious disease that affects the result). Just in case it is best to boil everything - meat, milk and vegetables - but clean precaution.

Unwashed vegetables can cause listeria - a disease that gets under-cooked food and unwashed. Manifested Treskavica and temperature, so if by chance you experience any problems - pohrlite doctor before because if detected, the faster it solves.

The saying should eat for two is not quite correct, indeed it is best to consume foods rich in minerals and vitamins, and avoid foods that carry a bunch of empty calories. A varied diet is also recommended - so let your meals consist of chicken for example, cooked broccoli and potatoes. Eat breakfast more abundant during the day and consume small snacks. If you suddenly eat a lot, it will be difficult for you and your child.

However, do not now think about every bite - eat slowly and of course consult your health care provider about the possible tests of certain bacteria. However, avoid excessive intake of tea, coffee, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

In early pregnancy you will probably feel what your body wants, or what your baby is required of you.Sometimes, without serious casualties and compromise coffee will suddenly have a horrible taste, and cooked chard just fine. Our body is just perfect when you need to recognize that the body's health.

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