Sunday, April 22, 2012

Myths about child sex

Almost any future mom wants to know as soon as half of their child because every woman of little imagination, or about a girl or a boy. Of course, when the time comes, your gynecologist you an ultrasound scan can determine the baby's gender. Many still unsolved mysteries to reveal sex of the child alone. There are numerous legends, and we bring you a few examples that will, at least, a good laugh.

First Legend has it that the Mayans determined the sex of the child so that they take into account the year of the birth mother during pregnancy, and year of conception of the child. If you are the same or both odd, it was believed that the girl was. If an odd year, it was a boy.

Second Determine the half with a key. Take him to the ground and ask a friend or a friend to pick it up. There is a belief that if it catches the narrow part, the baby will be a girl, and if it catches the round part, will be a boy.

Third Remove the ring from the finger (if you do not get swollen fingers) and hang it on a chain. Place it in the waist and a relaxed hold. if it begins to move in the form of circles, it is believed that the boys wear. If it moves back and forth, you get a little princess.

4th If you eat during pregnancy incredible ice cream, wearing girl. If, however, you crave for sour and salty food, it will be a boy!

5th Next time you go to control when you can hear the heartbeat of your child's Count them because, according to legend, if the number higher than 140 beats per minute, the child will be female, and if the 140 will be complied boy.

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