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Interesting facts about babies

Did you know that baby, but with six weeks to recognize my father's voice among the voices of both men?

Babies are not only a miracle in itself, but also full of surprises. During the last ten or fifteen years, scientists are taking more care of the development of a baby, and the results of years of research have been published in numerous reference books, books ... In recent times there are videos and blogs devoted to the care and upbringing of children.

During these studies have identified a number of interesting facts that have found that babies have some skills that seem completely unbelievable. Did you know, for example, that the baby has six weeks to recognize my father's voice among the voices of both men?

"Huffington Post" brings some interesting facts about babies:

Baby syndrome and "betrayed expectations"

A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri found that babies stare sveki ten months they start to follow thought processes of people around them and to recognize changes in the environment.

Babies, like adults, show more interest when they see something the first time or when something unusual. When babies are surprised by something, or notice any procedure that deviates from normal, the longer and with greater attention to watch what happens. During the experiment, the actor desetomese─Źnim the babies of two available objects always took the same one, and when he took the other, the baby looked surprised what happens five or six seconds longer than usual because the actor's choice was unexpected.

Do not grow just any pretty babe in a nice adult

It usually means that the baby will stay nice and pretty when they grew up. However, research results published in the journal "Behavior and Development" refute that claim.

The study included 253 students who are expected to rank the beauty of photographs of babies and adults, but they are not told who is who. The results showed that whether someone was a beautiful baby does not affect the beauty in adulthood.

Babies are not selfish

For the 15 months babies have a sense of justice. A study at the University of Washington babies was played footage of two people who share milk and cookies.

If one person has more or cookies and milk when they were not fairly distributed, infants with greater attention, and many more watched what was happening, but when everyone got the same.

This means that babies expect a fair division. The researchers found that babies with special attention to watching the recording in which the cookie is not shared fairly, tend to share their toys with Fruge without problems.

Babies are a bit racist

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have noticed that babies aged three months show of affection towards persons of the same race. So never too early to start your child to learn that all people are equal.

Babies feel the rhythm, and understand music

Research conducted at Brigham Young University found that babies differ a great joyful than sad music. When they are released alive, joyful music and immediately begin to "play", to clap and laugh, but when they let the melody Setna, babies can get serious and work absence. However, as soon as they re-released cheerful melodies, returning the smile on their face.

Babies are different "good" and "bad" guys

For six months, babies have developed a sense of right and wrong. During the research conducted at Yale babies recording was played during which puppies need to climb to a hill. First, it aids the other puppies, and next to the third doll shoved her and made it difficult climbing. The recordings are released them several times and then they bring the researchers "good" and "bad" doll.

No baby is reaching for "bad" doll, but they all wanted to play with the "good".

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