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How to teach your baby to sleep at night?

Some babies at night is more common than parents would like, while others worry-free sleep.

What are the reasons for it and can you help your baby to sleep peacefully?

First Interrupted sleep
The child wakes up every few hours. To appease him, Mom gets up and starts popple baby. Because it can only get to sleep disturbance - and mom and baby to wake up and they need more time to calm down and fall asleep again. The child will restore energy during the day, but mom will be completely exhausted.

Cause: The baby, but because of hunger, wakes up at night mainly because of its strong phases do not coincide with the stages of sleep by her parents. Babies have shorter sleep cycles than adults. And every time a baby goes from a state of deep sleep in the superficial, it can easily be awakened. Some children in these times and still continue to sleep, the other is looking for attention and parents. Basically, the short end of the sleeping part, out of that baby mama responds best when it comes to falling asleep again.
What to do? Try to take the kids to bed shortly after their first night springing to life. Nurse your baby, cuddle up with it and it will soon fall asleep. When it wakes up the next time, do not breast-feed more than forgive him and gently squeeze with you. In time you will notice that the cycles of your child's sleep and start to overlap. As soon as a child zakmeči and is ready to wake up, turn to him, nurse him or approach him softly to himself. You will feel your presence, you will be calmer and stronger you'll both fall asleep. Gradually, the mother's proximity to facilitate the child's transition from shallow to deep sleep and it will stop so often razbuđivati.

Second To sleep or not sleep?
Mom puts the baby to sleep in his crib and leave the room. No, the baby in a few minutes of waking up and starts crying.

Cause: The child wakes up after having fallen asleep yet? So it is "immersed" in a deep stage of sleep.
What to do? Stay with the child a little longer than you're used to. "Even when you do that is asleep, do not rush it. Make it harder to sleep. There are signs you can look at the deeper stages of sleep. If you have a handful of his clenched, eyebrows are not angled towards the nasal bones, breathing evenly, and the body relaxed, meaning that the child is asleep and you can firmly embed it in a crib, that is. leave the room.

Third Night game
At night, the baby wakes up and begins to play. If his behavior a habit, parents will be able to sleep well.

Cause: The child had imagined that the crib place to play, just like the rest of the space in the nursery. In addition to parents play with him day and night to see if it fits your child and that he is bored.
What to do? Teach your child to place the bed only for sleeping, not to play. So it should not be a toy, other than that associated with the child falling asleep. Do not fall into the temptation to play with the child while in the crib and it's time to sleep. Try not to notice his intention to play, even if it reaches out its arms to you and cause you to start the game. True, you may have to endure a few brave "night trying" to attract you to play, especially if you are his attempts hitherto successful. Try to mimic a deep sleep, even if you do not really difficult to play around a bit with the child and prefer to do it with love. Once the child will understand that the night time to sleep, not to play.

4th Physiological problems
Mama tried everything in her power to teach a child to sleep at night. However, it still continues at night often wake.

Cause: The child may wake up in pain that occurs as a result of eruption of teeth, it feels uncomfortable because his diaper was wet and irritating his ass, he is a stuffy nose and can not breathe normally, itchy skin because it pidžamice synthetic, it is hot or , however, cold ... Many physiological reasons why a child may wake up in the middle of the night. Maybe he even bothers cigarette smoke coming from the living room or the smell of perfume or detergent out of the bathroom.
What to do? Check the diaper, watch out for fever in a child's room, the quality of the clothes you wear or the blanket that covered him. Turn off the possibility that any intense aromas come to the child. If you suspect that your child is sick, consult a pediatrician or a child to take the examination. You will probably notice the baby's own breathing "work" if his nose "full steam" or need help with cleaning. A sprouting teeth inevitable process, and the only thing you can to comfort is that this process still has an end. Be it the baby teeth because you'll probably notice that the child increased saliva and pushing his fingers nervously toward zubićima, and sometimes can increase the child's body temperature. You can try gently massaging the child's gums and see if it helps to be quickly pacified.

5th The child was premirno
Regardless of how the child is still in his crib at night, sometimes you still need to check and keep under control his breathing to prevent SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, of which only in Western Europe die each year from 8000 infants under one year .

Cause: The sudden infant death syndrome is still not fully explained medically, although there are several different theories about what may cause this syndrome. It can not be predicted, and 99 percent of cases affecting healthy newborns. But at the same time to keep an eye on the child's breathing and sleep?
What to do? Sudden and unexpected death of a child during sleep can be prevented by control of the position in which the sleeping (and this should be a position on the back) and monitoring the baby's breathing rhythm a special device that alerts any deviation from normal breathing.

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