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How to put baby in the winter?

New parents winter and cold weather can be a source of concern popriličnih. Many parents worry how to ensure that their baby is comfortable and warm. But the cold weather would not you supposed to prevent the child at least once a day go out into fresh air. Make sure that the child is warm.

Just like during the warm weather, the guidelines for children's wear can be your own sense of comfort (unless you're the sort of person who is always cold or hot, then the choice of clothes for the baby's going assessing rely on husbands or other close people). However, if a baby under 6 months, then she may need more protection, because the ratio of their body surface area than a larger weight and can not shiver to create heat.

Daily wear

During cold weather is much more effective to wear several layers of clothing, which will hamper the less of two heavy and thick clothing. Additionally, will the baby be much warmer if one of these layers of wool. Are practical and warm winter odjelca stuffed with feathers or feather imitation. Baby certainly put a cap, even if it's chilly out there just because the cap will greatly help him retain body heat (even 25% of body heat is lost through the head). When the outside temperature below zero, the cap should cover your baby's ears.

Hands should be protected by gloves, foot socks and boots, a neck scarf. If a strong wind blowing out or extremely cold, you can wrap a scarf around the face or a face mask to protect the canvas, but making sure it does not cover the baby's nose and so make it hard to breathe. If it snows or rains, the chair put the protective cover that will protect your child from rain, but also a good idea to heat. But even well-drowned child should not stay too long in the open when the weather is cold.


For less experienced parents of one of the most confusing things is definitely variable, characteristic of the spring and fall, but a more frequent occurrence in the other two seasons.
How to put a child if the morning is sunny and gentle, a forecast thunder announces the temperature drop? For such a situation the best answer - dress in layers. In doing so najpraktičnijei lighter layers of clothing which can be easily navlačiti undress and when the weather starts unexpectedly changed from hot to cold or vice versa. It is also good with you always have a witch or a blanket if the temperature suddenly drops. We recommend you to a baby in almost all weather wear hat - brim is lightweight for warmer weather, a warm hat on cold days.

Peace of mind

During the cold days the temperature in the nursery is best kept between 20 and 22 ˚ C, and the cold nights between 15 and 18 ˚ C (if it is difficult to estimate the temperature in the room, install a thermometer in the room near the place where that baby up staying in the room , for example. above the bed, making sure to be outside its scope). If indoor temperature is higher than these values, then overheated and dry air can damage the lining of the nose and make it susceptible to microbes that cause colds. Also, overheated air will dry out and the baby's skin and cause itching.

Before you put your baby to sleep, baby cot can get hot water bottle or heating coil (make sure the sheet is not too hot). You could put the flannel sheets that are even on cold winter nights are pleasant to the touch. Cover your child in layers so that he was comfortable and warm. If a child regularly rejects blanket, put him in a sleeping bag - this is especially practical for babies and children under one year. Bebe excess heat from the body throw over his head, so about whether your baby at night to wear the cap or without consulting with her doctor.

Keep in mind that the children's room cooler at night than during the day and that the metabolism slows down during sleep, so be prepared to use additional blankets. No, definitely try to avoid the common mistake of dressing too warm for the baby bed. If your child wakes during the night in a sweat, remove one or two layers of blankets.

If the baby is properly dressed?

Touching your baby's arm, thigh or back of the neck is easy to determine whether he is comfortable. If these parts of the body cold and / or the child is restless, probably he's cold, so he can wear a blanket or cover. If the skin is hot and sweaty, or wet kosica, or the baby is breathing rapidly or is restless - probably dressed too warm, then remove a few layers of clothing. If rukice and feet cold to the touch and the body is comfortably warm and dry, but the baby continues to cry, it may be fed or thirsty or tired.

Although you will hear many times worried comments like "your baby to keep warm, her arms full of cold!", Do not immediately jump to another blanket or jacket. The warmth of the baby can not be identified only by her arms or legs, because they are mostly colder than the rest of the body, as the baby is still not a fully developed circulatory system. Similarly, if the baby sneezed a few times, it does not mean that it is cold. Maybe she resents the sun or felt the need to purify the nose. The same goes for the hiccups, which is very common in babies and in most cases has nothing to do with feeling cold.

Exceptions that prove the rule

Just as there are persons who are cold and in summer, there are those in which the hot-cold winter days. If you are one of those people, then you own a reliable thermostat will not be heading for the dressing of the child. In this case, for help in dressing babies contact someone whose sense of comfort appropriate (spouse, mother or any other available person of trust). Also, if you suspect that your child is warmer or cooler than you, accept it and dress it in accordance with this fact.

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