Sunday, April 15, 2012

Constipation in pregnancy

It is very common to have constipation, and with reason. First bowel muscles relaxed under the influence of some hormones of pregnancy slows the movement of food through them. Then the pressure hose that performs enlarged uterus interferes with their normal activities.

But there is no reason to accept the inevitable jail just because you are pregnant. Lack of bowel movements can be overcome following measures, which can prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids that are common consequences of irregular stools.

Increase intake of fiber. Avoid refined foods like white rice and white flour, which causes constipation and turn to foods that are rich in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables (raw or cooked in minutes, preferably with the skin), whole cereals and wholemeal bread , cakes and biscuits from whole-wheat flour, pulses (beans and peas), dried fruit (raisins, plums, apricots, figs). 
Daily you need 25-35 grams of fiber. The packaging of food products is usually indicated content in grams of fiber per serving and to use that information to provide the necessary fiber intake. If you do not usually eat these foods add to the diet gradually, otherwise the stomach will rebel. If your daily schedule needs to 6 smaller meals instead of them all meet in three large meals, you will be much easier. 
If your case is so difficult that even diet or above tactics do not help, add your diet a little wheat bran or psilijuma (Proceed as directed on the package), start with half a teaspoon and gradually increase the amount to several teaspoons. Avoid large quantities of these substances because they move quickly through the digestive system, so they can carry with you to the important nutrients before the body fails to absorb them. No matter how unpleasant prison, not pribegavajte any herbal medicines, castor oil or other laxatives. Although some are effective, can cause very unpleasant side effects, and their long-term use is harmful.

If you enter a large quantity of fluid, constipation can take. Most drinks-especially water, juices from fruits and vegetables-successfully softened stool and help move food through the digestive system. Some people helping 1-2 glasses of warm water with a few drops of lemon. If constipation is a serious plum juice can be helpful.

Do not put the toilet. Frequently to chair weak intestinal muscles that control bowel movements and leads to constipation. If you care with a regular chair will easily avoid this problem. For example, eat a breakfast rich in fibers earlier than it ordinarily would have to have enough time to feel the effects of this way of eating and going to the toilet before the time comes to go to work.

Check the action of vitamin preparations and medications you use. Constipation can sometimes cause calcium or iron preparations, anti acids contain calcium or aluminum, and other drugs. If you suspect that this is the case, discuss with your doctor the possibility to change the drug or drug use.

Start with your workouts. Active body and triggers bowel movements. Try it in your daily schedule and deploy rapid walk of half an hour to recharge any exercises that you gain from a safe in pregnancy.

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