Sunday, April 22, 2012

Changes in behavior during pregnancy

Besides brojinih physical changes you'll notice in your body, pregnancy brings with it some changes in behavior.Although these changes are expected and it is known that the result of hormones, most women and their partners and local people are not prepared for them.

Here are the changes in mood and behavior of a universal for almost all pregnant women.

* You will need to constantly eat something even though you are not hungry. Even after a meal you'll want something else to Gricni. Tip: Eat foods rich in carbohydrates - it is likely that they will get enough.

* It is known that sexual desire during pregnancy is much stronger than usual, so do not be surprised if you find that you think only about sex.

Constantly you will sleep and you will feel constant fatigue.

* The chances are that you will annoy almost everything your partner says that you can easily get angry because of almost every little thing.

* It also occurs, frequent mood swings, so at some point you will be kind and cheerful, and the next sullen and moody.

* There are frequent panic attacks, especially those related to the role of a mother who is expecting you. Plasic it all: the possibility that labor does not go well, the fear that you will successfully raise a child, or you will not have the money for his education.

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