Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bloating in Pregnancy

Comfortably and safely accommodated in the womb, protected from all over the amnionic fluid, your baby intestinal problems can cause harm. It is even possible that this murmur and grgutanje seem comforting to the baby. Baby, however, will not go down well if you bloat, which usually rises at the end of the day, preventing you to eat regularly and properly. 

To avoid this danger and relieve discomfort, take the following measures; 
- Care with a regular chair. Constipation is a common cause gas and bloating 

- Do not eat too rich obroke.Veliki meals only increases the feeling of bloating. They overload the digestive system that is not just the most effective during pregnancy. Instead of 3 large meals a day, eat 6 small or 3 moderate meals and several snacks.
-Do not stare. When the rush meals or eat in haste, swallowed as much air as the air trapped hrane.Ovaj creates painful pockets of gas in the intestines. 
-Avoid foods that cause gas. The most common are onion, cabbage, fried foods, heavy sauces, desserts, which contain much sugar and beans.

Increase in weight

Many women find it difficult to get the first weeks of pregnancy and gram in weight, some even lose weight, usually due to morning sickness. Fortunately nature has taken care to protect babies whose mothers because nausea can not eat well in the first trimester of pregnancy. Fruit needs for calories and nutrients during this period are not as large as will be later, so it is unlikely will give insufficient weight gain in the beginning to leave the consequences. However, if after this period will not be given the weight it can have consequences and to important because the need for calories and nutrients increase as pregnancy progresses. So do not worry, but eat. I begin to track your weight to make sure that it is increasing at a satisfactory pace, ie. about 450gr per week to 8 months. If the problem continues with the weight, try the stronger and more effective nutrition. Try also to every day a little more eating. Salads, soups and drinks take after the meal that you would not be tired too soon.Eat foods rich in healthy fats like nuts, oily fish, avocados, olive oil.

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