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Bad habits and pregnancy

Smoking, alcohol, unhealthy foods, neglect of health ... these are all things that you have the next nine months out of my life. How to make and why it is important to resolve them, read the following text

First Smoking
Smoking, along with alcohol, a habit that is important to give up during pregnancy. Although there are still doctors who claim that "a few cigarettes a day can harm your baby" and that "it is better to smoke than to annoy mom" has been proven that smoking in pregnancy is closely linked with many serious risks for the child. In pregnant women smokers are more common in early pregnancy bleeding and miscarriage. Very often there is also a disorder of placental vascular development and disorders in children - especially behind the growth of babies, which are on average so that babies of pregnant women smoke less and easier.

Pregnant women who smoke usually do not gain weight as much as they should, which is considered another reason (apart from lack of oxygen due to smoke) behind the growth of the child. Children whose mothers smoked heavily during pregnancy have twice the interference with breathing at birth. It is also more frequent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Second Alcohol
If you have time when you did not know that you are pregnant, drink a glass of wine or beer, do not despair - there is no evidence of harmful effects of accidental and isolated alcohol at an early stage of development of the child. But experts have proven that if you do not give up alcohol during the entire duration of pregnancy increases the risk of causing serious harm to the prenatal child.

Alcohol passes through the placenta directly into the child's bloodstream. Because children's liver is not degraded in the rear or least amount of alcohol and very small amounts of alcohol remains in the bloodstream of the child two to three times longer than in the mother's bloodstream. While pregnant women may feel the effects of alcohol quite slowly, at the same time her child is exposed to grave "drunkenness." Safe limit of doctors you can recommend - it is therefore best for pregnant women throughout pregnancy totally abstain from alcohol.

Third Unhealthy food
Since your baby receives all the food through your bloodstream, it is important to eat healthy during pregnancy.So, avoid foods high in fats and sugars. Foods that can be dangerous in pregnancy, and it is better to avoid are: cheese, unpasteurized milk and undercooked, salad from fresh cabbage and various spreads that may be contaminated with the bacteria listeria, which can cause miscarriage or birth of a dead child. Raw meat or meat products may be infected with toxoplasmosis - a disease that can cause blindness and brain damage and heart of a child.
In addition, the lack of protein in the third trimester of pregnancy may interfere with the proper brain development, a lack of folic acid is associated with some anomalies of the spine. Watch out for the eating quality and nutritional value of food intake. Eat more and less (6 - 8 small meals), because such a diet affects digestion better and more complete digestion of food.

4th Irregular views
Prenatal care and regular gynecological examinations during pregnancy are of great importance. Ideally, go for a check once a month to 28 weeks (end of second quarter), then the plan reviews every three weeks, from 36thweek every two weeks. At the time of birth of the term exams are a week or more, if a pregnant woman to exceed the term every two days amnioskopijom amniotic fluid is checked. If prenatal care is inadequate, even low-risk pregnancies can become high risk.

5th Medicines
Application of drugs in pregnancy is often a multiple problem. On the one hand doctors avoid prescribing any medication for pregnant women, sometimes even when these medications are absolutely necessary (for fear of harm to the unborn). On the other hand due to the incomplete and insufficient information to pregnant women often have witnessed their panic fear of contact with any drug during pregnancy.

It should be borne in mind that the real danger is taking certain medications during pregnancy and who can really lead to various birth defects. Malformations, or birth defects may be very different both in terms of weight and so on form. The damage caused by a miscarriage or death of a child after birth, while others cause transient or permanent damage to the newborn. Most drugs pass through the placenta and thus may have a detrimental effect on the embryo and fetus.

So when choosing the drug still listen to doctors who will opt for drugs that are prescribed a lot so far in the pregnancy, which is shown to be safe. Does not hurt to read the instructions that always come with the drug and see if there are any limits when it comes to pregnant women. If there are restrictions, again consult your doctor.

6th Lack of exercise
Maintain physical fitness during pregnancy is recommended for good general condition of the body facilitates pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy does not mean giving up the usual exercise (or the introduction of regular exercise if you do not have the healthy habit earlier), but moderation is still important! Regular exercise helps better digestion, improves circulation, respiration, muscle tone and skin elasticity.

Moderate sport activities such as swimming, exercising and walking slowly, not only permitted, but are recommended during pregnancy. Other types of sports are allowed in reasonable limits. But if you have any pregnancy complications, such as problems with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, infections, or in the case of a multiple pregnancy or spontaneous abortion and premature births in previous pregnancies, be more careful!

7th Exaggerating the job
In today's busy pace of women living and working woman who rarely can afford during pregnancy reduce this rate. But during pregnancy is far more important to be able to relax enough and well, but make it all put in order and put everything in its place, especially when it comes to high-risk pregnancies.

In any case, you do not need to wait to begin to report any symptoms or signs of fatigue. If your doctor recommends bed rest during pregnancy or maternity leave of 45 days, be sure to listen to him, surely there are enough good reasons for such recommendations. Physical work and especially long periods of standing may be the reason for the appearance of premature contractions and premature labor.

8th Neglect of health
Pregnancy is the female body, a new condition characterized by a number of anatomical, histological, hormonal, immunological, nutritional, psychological and other changes. Although all of these systemic changes, some of them may have their own easily visible, local events. So take care of their teeth, take folic acid, consult your doctor if (especially in the second quarter) need to take iron preparations, beware of household chemicals and heavy physical activity.

9th Drugs
Consuming drugs drastically narrows blood vessels of the placenta and reduces placental blood flow and oxygen flow and nutrients a child resulting in growth arrest of the child and very low birth weight. In order to maintain your health and the health of your child, be sure to talk with your health care provider about possible complications and consult a psychiatrist.

If you are addicted to hard drugs, prevent the crisis of abstinence and turn your baby into a treatment program even during pregnancy. If the treatment program and successfully passed a pregnant woman at least a month before delivery not taking anything, absent signs of neonatal withdrawal of the crisis.

10th Excessive weight gain
Moderate, gradual and steady weight gain to prevent various complications during pregnancy and childbirth, especially the emergence of diabetes, hypertension and preeclampsia, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, low weight infant or a long and difficult birth of a child too. During pregnancy the needs of the calories and nutrients that are barely increasing.

Of 4 months of pregnancy should be entered only 200-300 extra calories a day. The total amount entered should not grow food, especially not to "eat for two". Preference should be given to poor food calories and rich in vitamins and minerals (vegetables, fruits, potatoes, whole grains, lean meats and fish, dairy products).Allowable increase in body weight should move between 9 - 15 kg, depending on the physical constitution of pregnant women (initial thickness and height).

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