Thursday, April 19, 2012

5 tips for young moms

Make the first months of the dearest creature in the world to be happy and cheerful.
After nine months of anticipation are holding the first-born. The world seems so beautiful you can not believe it's your child, you do not smile down from the lips, and then at one point a small questionnaire you glow above his head - "What next?"

Although you may be prepared, read books, studied children with friends, here are some tips dobrodoŇ°lih for young mothers.

First Create a link

While you're nine months was associated umbilical cord, after birth the child was left alone to explore the world.He needs protection, you need it. So often ostvarujte physical contact, put his cheek against her or him fall asleep so you hear the heart. So it feels safe - as it is still in your stomach. When a little older, the more you try to catch his gaze and thus connect.

Second Sleeping

In order not to completely exhausted, the first few months and try to sleep when your baby. Lack of sleep will lead to apathy, and such difficult to get quality you can care for the child. Because the night's sleep, a board will wait for another day.

Third Time for yourself

The infant is now the center of your world, but still - you have to take a few minutes for yourself. Let Dad or someone from friends or relatives for child care, and you each day by half an hour, focus on yourself. Indulge you a warm bath, a little exercise or walking.

4th Sedation of the child

Although you'll probably find out what suits your newborn in falling asleep, feeding and other needs of children, one of the classic ways that a child is falling asleep leaning on you so that his head rests on the part of the neck and shoulders. Gently patting his hand on the back and singing, or rather mumbling, the child will feel secure and the sound of your voice will calm down.

5th Planning

Although it is a child, not a business meeting, planning is still a welcome action. The child will mostly try to adjust themselves, and even if you realize that you can manipulate, to be used widely. You therefore plan when its time for eating, sleeping, bathing and walking along and try to keep the schedule. However, the child is still small, so do not overdo it - if you feel that it is hungry, feed him of course and put it to sleep if you see that now prefer closed my eyes.

All young mothers, and those that will want to become full of joy and security with their first child - do not worry, mom gene lies within you, you just need to find.

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