Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 signs that show that you are ready for a child

Check out their wishes.
What a young age you could not believe that there may be - you are thinking about children. You are not entirely foreign to imagine yourself with a pram or in a store with toys (not for you). If so, you might be willing to have a child. Look at the signs that speak to the children crying for you actually super nova music.

First Pet

You and your sweetie want to buy a pet. It does not matter whether it is a cat, dog, parrot or something more exotic - a pet is an indicator of responsibility. So for example you are ready to rise early in the morning that someone walked, cleaned for him, take him the vet, that is. take care of other people's needs.

Second You prefer to be home

Puppy in you is silent. We are pleased to spend time at home and going out to the morning are impossible.

Third Dream of children

If you dream that you carry a child in her arms or something, maybe your subconscious is screaming 'I'm ready for the baby, "while consciously think -' Nooooo '.

4th You love someone else's children

On the street you and acquaintances are walking with a child. You stop, baby babble, play with it. If even offer girlfriends keep the kid while she and her husband at night - it's a sign that perhaps ready to keep their loved ones.

5th Decoration

Somehow your parts of your home, sometimes seem dull. Grab the wallpapers on how you look at the butterflies and to envision your room was super into a child.

6th Names

Already have a name for the kids, if a boy and a girl if she. To discuss you and your partner is agreed.

7th A lot of you have traveled

If you have already done a big trip around the world, so you will not be sorry now to have children because you have the feeling that you never miss a lot.

8th Healthy Life

More smoke and drink less alcohol. Unconsciously or consciously want the body to prepare for the coming of the child in a comfortable environment.

9th You were talking about children

If you have already talked about children and none verbally said they never wanted kids, but as it is possibly near future, you're probably ready to have a child. The decision is in many cases frightening, but do not worry, once you get pregnant you have nine months to prepare.

10th Purchase

You walked into the store with children's equipment and pretend that you are buying a gift for someone. It is probably time that you recognized that you want a child.

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