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Yoga in pregnancy

Children whose mothers exercised before and during pregnancy have a higher body weight at birth

Yoga is excellent preparation for all the effort required by pregnancy and childbirth

The fact that you are pregnant does not mean you should completely ulenjite. If you were active before pregnancy, continue to practice, just a little slower pace.And if you have not been physically active, then it's time to change it for the benefit of your future child.
It is recommended six times a week to swim for twenty minutes. This relieves the pressure with the joints. During the nine months you can every day for half an hour to walk, just take care, that you always be right back.

If you run regularly before pregnancy, you can do with your crop, but cautious and moderate pace. Are allowed, and easier to aerobic exercise (avoid sudden movements and jumping feet), while Pilates can work through all nine months - will strengthen the abdominal muscles, pelvis and back and prepare you for the easy delivery.

When it comes to preparing for this joyous occasion, yoga will teach you to relax and learn the breathing techniques. Of course, above all, should consult a doctor, a best practice would be to work in a group and make sure under the supervision of an expert, because it is essential that a control if you exercise properly in order not to harm the baby.
Do not do exercises that require pressure on the uterus and excessive straining abdominal muscles (stomach all the time needs to be relaxed), then twisting and bending backwards. It is not also advisable not to lie in the stomach, especially after the third month of pregnancy, but lying on his back.
If during exercise you feel nausea, or any pain, stop exercising and consult a physician.
Pregnant women carrying twins or even triplets, those suffering from high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, or have lowered the placenta, those who have previously had a miscarriage or a fight with a more serious illness, you should not practice, but it is desirable to meditate and do breathing exercises and relaxation.
Yoga is excellent preparation for all kinds of efforts that require pregnancy and childbirth, because it is a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises of the body. Positions during exercise are adapted to all stages of pregnancy, which means that yoga can be practiced during all nine months. However, to achieve the best results, you have to learn to breathe properly. Why? So you and your baby will have enough oxygen, and it will also relax and calm down.
Exercises or postures such as, for example, greeting the sun do not practice after the third month, because they include a step forward. And as the pregnancy progresses, everything will be harder to do the exercises in the stomach, but the ones on his back, because of the high pressure that can cause a slow and krvotkok vrtoglavice.Ali, there is a good alternative solution. Instead of relaxing on your back, do it in a position of so-called tiger (the side with one leg outstretched and the other bent at the knee). Avoid complicated positions, but by no means give up on exercise, especially from yoga because of physical activity during pregnancy may have more benefit than harm.

Exercise is not only safe but also desirable. This helps maintain body weight, decreases subcutaneous fat, improve cardiovascular capacity, circulation, digestion, strengthen muscles and stamina, reduce morning sickness, swollen feet. With exercises that women can cope with back pain, to deplete the occurrence of vertigo, exercise may affect the prevention of diabetes. Previous studies have shown that children whose mothers exercised before and during pregnancy have a higher body weight at birth. Physical exercise and a positive effect on the flow of labor. Research shows that the birth easier and faster because yoga exercises, for example, help to relax the muscles of the cervix, which eliminates cramps are common during the last trimester of pregnancy, affecting the position of the baby, reduce mood swings, raise energy levels ...

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