Saturday, March 31, 2012

What should be taken during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women should pay special attention to healthy lifestyle.

During pregnancy a woman should be protected from physical and mental stress. A healthy lifestyle and responsibility for their lives and health should always consider. Before and during pregnancy the responsibility is even greater because the way of life affects not only the lives and health of mothers but also the lives and health of the unborn child.

If a woman is prepared to enter into pregnancy and during pregnancy abide medical advice, pregnancy will be, in principle, to develop normally. At the time of planning pregnancy and pregnancy should eat natural, healthy variety of foods in moderation, avoiding, as far as possible, artificial food additives. Recommended foods high in protein (meat, milk, fish, eggs) and vitamins and minerals (fruits and vegetables). The additional vitamin preparations should consult with your doctor. The same is the case of medication.

Proven numerous adverse effects during pregnancy in cases of addiction such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Pregnant women should take into account the moderate ie elovj e┼żbi (appropriate to its capabilities), and relaxation techniques, which is beneficial for physical and mental health of pregnant women. Tom and contribute to living and bedroom.

Pregnancy should be followed up with a doctor (antenata1na protection).

If specific preparation for pregnancy have not started already before pregnancy, the beginning of pregnancy it is time for their beginning and antenatal care should begin as early in pregnancy. It is particularly important to regularly consult a gynecologist or family doctor. Regular inspections will follow the development of pregnancy and child growth and development and identify additional tests if necessary.

And is recommended for pregnant women attending a course in which mothers and fathers can get many information and practice specific skills needed in pregnancy, childbirth and child care. It has been in contact with the pregnancy health visitor in the area where pregnant women live. It is also important to inform the nearest hospital on the venue of the course for pregnant women. 

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