Friday, March 30, 2012

What do I need to bring the nursery?

In the maternity ward come prepared! Be sure to remove nail polish (in case of need, emergency caesarean section you will save time for nurses to), remove any jewelry that you wear (you can only leave the watch that you will need to measure contractions), make-up.

Basically, get rid of all that you do not necessarily keep a cool head and clear and do not forget:


• bathrobe
• a few button-front gown
• 4-8 pieces of disposable panties
• cotton wool pads 4-8 packaging
• nursing bra and matching napkins
• socks
• slippers and extra rubber slippers (flip flops) for the shower
• Byvacin spray for wounds
• paper and wet wipes for hands
• toilet paper
• hand cream, lip, deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb ...
• towels and a few small towels to use as coverings for the breast
• Bepanthen, balm or some other cream for warts
• painkillers Lupocet
• a plastic cup, effervescent vitamins or cedevitu
• Health and personal ID cards, pregnancy card and all medical records and findings of pregnancy
• cell phone charger, camera
• Paper and pencil to write

Not necessarily, but you can make life easier

• suppositories (suppository) for chair
• energy bars, hard candies, and cereal bowls for them (for milk you can manage)
• Donat Mg, mountain tea or something
• enabled the pregnancy rate, a book or booklet on successful breastfeeding
• a book that has nothing to do with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
• iPod or Walkman (sometimes be easier to not listen to what is happening around you, but enjoy the relaxing music)
• clothes in which to leave the maternity ward - you do not want to miss you a combination for this important day elected mom or spouse (with all due respect). Just do not ambitiously prepared from tight jeans najmrĊĦavije phase, because you will be disappointed ... Rather select from maternity clothes - if you do not already sick at the thought of crazy combinations in which you have spent the last few months!

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