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Twin pregnancy

Only a strange feeling than when you learn to wait for the baby - if a doctor tells you to wait two or, perhaps, more babies.

Twin pregnancy
One of the 80 twin pregnancies, one of 8000 cases, this is three points, while the multiple pregnancy in natural conditions extremely rare (their frequency - F can be calculated by the formula F = 80 N-1, where N is the number of babies) . A number of fruit, which is mainly due to artificial contraception, rarely survive. Gemini can be jednojajni (originating from one egg) and fraternal (each derived from a separate egg). The latter are often hereditary occurrence in some families are more likely to give birth to twins, even with the same parents.
Jednojajni twins are always of the same sex and are difficult to distinguish, while fraternal may be the same or different sex ... and that is so different, that it would not even say that the brothers and sisters.

As the pregnancy progresses, feeling fortunate to carry twins to replace the care that you will pass all right. The twin pregnancy, especially multiple - in a way is risky for both mother and baby. Despite more frequent and more intensive control during pregnancy, twins often are born prematurely, with all the problems related to premature birth. Also, they are more common in certain pathological conditions (breathing problems, birth injuries, etc.).

Pushing begins in the stomach
Modern technology, which enabled the recording of the twins mom's abdomen revealed an interesting fact: they are fun, but also pushed even before birth. Even the dominant twin, happens to constantly slap each other, which he never returned, but sklupčava in his corner.
This behavior continues even after birth - which is why parents and others who care for children, must not "fall into the trap." That is, the more intrusive attention to the child, who is always first and grlatije crying, or for something. Later in life, when they show their preferences, in every child should enforce it for what it makes sense that kids would be formed as a successful and happy person. While other parents (who get one, and another child ...) go all over again, you suddenly have two adult children ... and more time for yourself, you deserve it twice.

I birth of twins is delicate, with an increased risk of perinatal asphyxia (lack of oxygen in the brain of the newborn), which is why you need it done by an experienced obstetrician, especially if you decide to finish it naturally. My research has shown that well-trijažiranih twin pregnancy - delivery can be completed safely vaginally, regardless of the position of the fruit. As to the survival and health status in twins with birth weight below 1500 grams - more dependent on their (lack of) maturity, but the position of the uterus and delivery mode.

However, there are situations when it is almost necessary to complete delivery by caesarean section (for example, if the first baby leads the pelvis and the other head, so "hooked" heads, if more than two babies, etc..).The frequency of Caesarean section was therefore significantly higher in twin pregnancies. Even if all goes well, the other twin is more difficult. Because the stress of labor it takes longer, so it is often less vital to the birth of the first. It happens that one twin is much smaller than the other (unconformably twins) - it carries certain risks, as well as all children born small for date pregnancy. In some situations, blood flow is formed so that one twin gets too much and others too little blood (feto-fetal transfusion). Both the child's birth will be affected and require treatment (the first will be too thick blood, the so-called hyperviscosity syndrome, and the other will be malokrvno).
Despite all the existing risks, the largest number of twins is born in good condition. Low birth weight generally all compensation until the end of the third year of life, so that later - in a development sense, no different from their peers.

Babies are born
Every mother of a lifetime to remember the excitement of experiencing the first meeting with his newborn baby.And only two, or more! It was simply incredible ... After a brief rapprochement, the baby takes the staff department of neonatology, and they are treated like the other babies. If children are born at a vital time and after primary treatment are placed in cribs. Otherwise, the first home will be an incubator in intensive care.
Children who are able to suckle, the mother bear to breastfeed as soon as it is able to breastfeed. If you are not located in a room with his mother, usually the first days of making turns. When a significant amount of milk foam and mother recover from childbirth - well, still in the hospital, to try to breastfeed two babies at the same time, with the watchful eye of pediatric nurses. Bebe place one on each breast at the same time, or pillows in the "rugby" positions, so that their legs behind you, or so their bodies crossed in front of you. At each feeding, change the side - not to make a better baby still breast fed (if uneven nipples), but that one breast is not emptied enough (if smaller babies less traction).

Supplemental adapted milk formula, if needed, should be performed alternately: for example, a meal - a baby sucks, gets a second formula, and vice versa the next. Keep in mind the high cost of baby food in our conditions, so try to keep as long as breastfeeding continues. In preterm infants, who for several months after birth performed in a hospital, a real feat to maintain their own milk, but it's just what they need. If, however, feed through a bottle of great help to the sterilizer for bottles, as well as the thermostat in which the water "temper" in advance - so as soon as the baby cries, immediately ready to prepare meals. If a baby is sleeping while the other eats, and it is best to wake up and feed her to get used to the same rhythm of feeding. Otherwise, you will not endure the fatigue of more than a few days. When you do not have help, you can rely on the equipment (for example, hold a baby in her arms, and other foods in a deck chair - of course, when allowed to age).
Care for two babies, they need two pairs of hands, especially if the family has more children who need to devote attention. Therefore, the time to prepare. The most important is a good organization. Just because twins often saw the world a little earlier, preparation should start early enough. All that is required, it should be ready to wait, because after the sudden premature birth may not be time.
Although it may initially be placed in the same bed, every baby would be the furthest after two months should have their own bed. Of course, you need twice as much fabric and accessories.

Since last without sleep?
If this is the first children in the family, inexperienced parents help with baby care is necessary from the outset.
It would be nice to bathe the baby every day, but it is not absolutely necessary. If you do not have help, you can swim one day to one, the next day another baby. In the meantime, wipe them with wet towels or wet diapers.When you are able to sit independently, you can also swim in the tub. It was really fun for them ... But, if you hurry, the faster you finish the job if you bathe a baby at a time.
It is important to provide yourself time to rest. Ideally, you sleep when baby sleeps, and all other household duties to perform someone else. Wealthier families can afford babysitter, or even two, while most parents rely on the "grandma-service." Tate, no matter what you go to work every day, must be prepared for a period of increased effort, in which there will be time for relaxation, but will be very fun. Make a triage housework.Record your important data (for example, who ate the last of the bottle, who last bathed, etc.), because otherwise you will probably forget them.
Parents who already have twins, will give you important advice: make sure you never left alone with two babies (except for short), because in that case there may be a "collapse of the system."
But such an effort was twofold, double the happiness that they bring two children at once. Very quickly, the kids will their smiles, first words and steps to compensate for all the sleepless nights. There is one mitigating factor: the twins to each other the best society, from childhood to entertain each other - so, from that aspect, "serviceability" of demanding individuals. However, they are two different personalities, one of which can be very dominant.

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