Monday, March 19, 2012

Travel in pregnancy

Just because you're pregnant, does not mean that your destiny is predetermined to spend the summer in a closed room, away from the pleasures of summer. However, you will not be able to indulge in all the activities just as before.

Scuba diving or hiking are certainly not the ideal vacation for you. There are some rules, even prohibitions - that you will need to comply with before they sit comfortably in a deck chair by the pool or sea ... and enjoy sipping a refreshing cocktail (alcohol-free, of course).

When it is safe to travel? 
It is best to travel at a time when pregnancy is most easily tolerated. That is, roughly, the second quarter - because there is a possibility of miscarriage is significantly lower, nausea remained for you, and your stomach is still not so large that a "nuisance." It would be good, before you go on a trip, do all inspections and tests.
When it comes to flight, keep in mind that many airlines have restrictions on the transport of pregnant women.It even happens to women who have crossed the 32nd week of pregnancy was not able to travel, as it was during this period increased the risk of premature birth. When a "charge" 35th Sunday, you are strictly forbidden to travel by plane. It is interesting that there are limits on the ferries. So before you go on vacation, the agency is well inquire about the details of travel.
If in the course of pregnancy had some complications - such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, it is advisable to choose a vacation destination that is closer to your home. Even if you have any problems, you may want to discuss travel plans talk to the doctor.

Daily organization
Too much warm weather can bring you a lot of inconvenience, and overheating can be dangerous for your baby.Therefore, the warmest time of day do you spend in the sun. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and if you're by the sea or swimming pool, regularly cool. As long as take the necessary precautions, there is no reason to deprive yourself of enjoying the sun.

What do you need to do before you travel? 
- Call the airline you are traveling and make sure you are allowed to fly.
- Find out if the place in which you want to travel there is adequate transport links and medical service - in case you need help.
- Select a destination where there is good supply of clean water.
- It is important for your travel destination is not necessary vaccinations.

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