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Things that should be taken during pregnancy

The biggest concern of every woman who is expecting a child whether it be a healthy child into the world because women of childbearing age must do what is necessary for her own health, and even more what is useful for the development of the unborn child. 
TRAVEL. The first 3-4 months of pregnancy, if you choose to travel longer difficult, the risk of miscarriage is higher in the last two months at risk of preterm birth. For trips are best suited fifth, sixth and seventh month of pregnancy.

Driving. Driving a car than a half or three quarter hours in general is not harmful if a woman tied a belt. Avoid long trips. If the posture very bow, there is a danger that there will be a miscarriage or thrombosis. Women who have previously miscarried should not be the first four months does get in the car. Note the wheel! The pregnancy was only 1 h the usual ability to estimate distance, then the women responding less and less seen at night.

Plane rides. Although modern passenger aircraft are good devices to regulate air pressure, however, the air in the cabin after takeoff becomes rarer. When the aircraft at an altitude of 12 800 m, air pressure, which corresponds to the government on top of a mountain of 2300 m. Therefore, the unborn child is not getting enough oxygen (it was found that the airline hostess has more abortions than other women). From eight months onwards, the airline companies require a medical certificate from a pregnant woman that there is no risk of premature birth or other difficulties during the flight.

CYCLING. During pregnancy are allowed short bike ride, but a hard drive should be avoided.

RIDING, light athletics, tennis. Due to shaking while riding could be a miscarriage. The same danger exists when dealing with pregnant women avid tennis or athletics.

CLIMBING, SAILING. Advises that a woman who is expecting a baby mountaineers, because there is a danger to the rare high-altitude air, lack of oxygen necessary to the unborn child. Moreover, in case of need, there is no possibility for rapid medical attention. And during the race there is a danger that, in the case of an accident, can not immediately provide assistance. Therefore, one should give up those two sports during the entire pregnancy.

WALK. It is helpful for blood circulation and leg muscles, but may not last for several hours.

SLIP. Ice skating is permitted if the pregnancy is not a beginner in the sport, but if it is already svladaja.

SWIMMING. It is highly recommended, and indeed up to four weeks before delivery. Swimming strengthen abdominal muscles and back relax.

SAUNA. Because pregnant women sweating body loses too much moisture. Even those women who are accustomed to a sauna to retain only the lowest part of the benches in the sauna room. If the heart beating harder, you should immediately leave the sauna. Pregnant women who previously had no experience with sauna let's stay away.

GYMNASTICS pregnant women. Certain exercises are very important from the fifth month and continue to maintain the elasticity of the body as well as psychological and physical preparation for the so-called pregnant.painless childbirth.

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs. It does not consider that these animals spread a contagious disease called.toxoplasmosis, which was previously common opinion, therefore, are not fatal.

GOLDEN HAMSTER. Young golden hamster can be a laptop cause viral disease called lymphocytic koreomeningitis. Possible consequences on the child, eye damage and water head.

SAN TWO. A pregnant woman should sleep longer than 8 hours. It is essential that the room in which a pregnant woman sleeps, and where it resides during the day, good to ventilate in order to have enough air.

TEETH DURING PREGNANCY. During pregnancy you need special care and control teeth. Major repairs should be done before pregnancy or during the first months, and during pregnancy only do fewer procedures.Dentist should definitely point out the pregnancy.

REGULAR CHAIR TWO is an unusually important. You need to be stepped up food where there is enough liquid, fruit and vegetables, and women must force itself to regular bowel movements in a hour. When you get constipation, and it does take some cleaning, can cause premature labor. If is often difficult urination, pregnant women should also consult your doctor.

Sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse must cease at least one three weeks before delivery. Many prohibit sexual intercourse in early pregnancy, at least in the age when menstruation should perform.

MENTAL LIFE OF PREGNANCY. Of unusual importance for pregnancy and mental health of future children.To maintain a good mother and that mental health is a balanced mood, it should take care of her family and working environment. It endeavors to preserve of the big concerns, problems, mental disturbances and conflicts. Women tend to abortion in some pregnant do not start to travel more. Also it is very important that women keep infectious diseases, infection, and therefore should not pohođa large gatherings.

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