Saturday, March 31, 2012

Techniques of pregnancy termination

The procedure, ie. "Artificially abortion" performed regularly in analgesia, at the request of women in general anesthesia (anesthesia). The surgery is usually associated with more or less violent and gradual enlargement of the opening of the cervix. Then comes an instrumental removal of the fetus, or eggs, abortion forceps (evacuation), cleaning and scraping the lining of the uterus and a curette (curettage).

This method is applied today in the pregnancy of 9-12 weeks. The pregnancy of 8-10 weeks applies milder and faster evacuation of the uterus by vacuum extraction, which is most of the contents of the uterus removed after the dissemination of the cervix. Violent, although a gradual expansion and opening of the cervical canal leading to tissue damage of the cervix, which appears increased propensity to spontaneous, involuntary abortion in subsequent pregnancies desired.

This is why it is the intervention needed to get arteficijelan, legal abortion as soon as possible, in order to apply the least harmful, and also the least dangerous method, so called. METHOD BY Karman, which is performed on the tenth day after the period is due no later than the end of the seventh weeks of pregnancy. Intervention by Karman takes only a minute or two, and so is a bit painful that can be done without anesthesia. Complications are rare, but serious complications (perforation and the like.) Are almost impossible to perform surgery when the experienced gynecologist. 

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