Monday, March 19, 2012

Signs of Miscarriage

Abortion is one of the most stressful situations in the life of every woman. If you survive this bad experience do not lose hope, because according to statistics, more than 80 percent of women after abortion have a healthy pregnancy.

It would be good for women to know basic things about abortion, because the timely departure of the doctors can prevent further complications.

SIGNS alert
Symptoms of miscarriage vary from the feeling that something is not right to cramps and bleeding. Some women describe abortion like birth pains. If you experience intense abdominal pain or cramps, if you have signs of blood loss, such as weakness and dizziness, if you have a fever or bleeding, contact your gynecologist immediately. Abortion may last from one to several days, and bleeding up to two weeks. However, if after 14 days of a miscarriage and bleeding continues, consult a physician.

Why this happen to me?
The first question after a miscarriage, and put every woman is, why deŇ°va to me? Most felt the responsibility, even guilt. The facts, however, indicate that very few abortions caused by the activities of the mother or some environmental factor.

After a simple abortion, most women recover within a week or two, and after four to six weeks and get your period again. The emotional recovery, however, may take months. It would be best to talk openly with your partner about the loss of the baby, as this will both help. Doctors advised to wait at least one cycle before attempting to conceive. The best time for the second pregnancy only when emotionally recover. Experts warn that emotions can disrupt hormonal balance, which is not good for pregnancy.

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